Most Psychedelic Classical Music?
... composers of the 19th and 20th century, which would you say composed the most psychedelic sounding classical music? My votes would go for Sibelius and Rimsky Korsakov? What would your choices be? ...
by dongisselbeck
A must buy for all modern classical music lovers
I simply must implore all readers to go out and buy Samuel Jones's Roundings and Cello Sonata on Naxos. Come one, it's six bucks. Why should you buy it? Well, the music is excellent. Roundings is a ...
by misha23
African-Americans and classical music?
Michael Morgan moved from Asst. Conductor of the Chicago Symphony (working mostly with the youth auxiliary, the Civic Orchestra, brilliantly) to Music Director of the Oakland Symphony (California); ...
by grumpy
Where to download classical music??
... g LvB' fourth; Celibidache rehearsaling the fourth of Brahms), and also on (Boulez conducting the first of Mahler). Now I ...
by grumpy
PLEASE name this classical tune in movies!!!!
THIS IS KILLING ME!! IM dying to know what this piece of classical music is but I cant find out what it is. Ok I dont have much to work with but... I was watching this old Brad Pitt movie shot in ...
by thunderchicken
Native American Classical Music
I already own the following compact discs of classical music based on Native American themes and/or concepts: American Indianists (Dario Muller) Koyaanisqatsi (Philip Glass) Koyaanisqatsi (Philip ...
by Johnfunyguy
Classical Music Catalog Software
Can anybody recommend software to organize / catalogue my collection of classical music recordings ? In a perfect world, there would be software that could reference an online database and all I ...
by Vgtrzubx
Classical music radio via internet
Hello, I am trying to find some classical music radio stations broadcasting via internet. Can anyone help me? Thanks
by pranab
New to classical music, mozart suggestions please
Hi there One of my favourate films is Amadeus, and I recently bought the soundtrack cd. I love some of the music (particularly the piano concertos) and wondered if anyone could suggest further ...
by RichField
Where can I find classical CD covers?
Hi, I'd be grateful for information on where I can find classical CD covers. Regards,
by Bhaumik Shukla
Classical Net Update
The Classical Net site has been revised and updated. This time, we've added 76 new book, CD and DVD reviews. Note the new URL. Classical Net got involved with some criminals posing as businessmen. ...
by Angelus897
Classical internet radio station?
greetings, would anyone here be interested in creating a classical internet radio station? here's the situation: a company called IM Networks is working with a major stereo manufacturer to deliver ...
by trampamlm
For sale on Ebay - great classical CDs!
Hello, I've got some great classical CDs from my personal collection on Ebay. They're going for a song (forgive the pun... I had to!). Many of my CDs have only been listened to once or twice and are ...
by He'sDeadJim
Online classical music encyclopedia
Say I would like to find out the following: Mozart's 25th Piano Concerto: How many movements does it have, and what are they named? When was it composed? What is the key? What is the KV? Any other ...
by heavyhauler
I am not extremely knowledgeable in classical music, and all...
I am not extremely knowledgeable in classical music, and all the composers I know about are men. Who are some great female classical composers?
by Guest
New Classical Music Videos on the Web page
We've set up a new Classical Music Videos on the Web page that includes links to downloadable and streaming videos available on the internet from commercial and individual websites. It can be found ...
by Glutomoto
Classical influences in rock and other styles
Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions for my term paper! I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find Yngwie Malmsteen's version of Beethoven's 5th. Did he really record one? ...
by Johnfunyguy
Classical Novitiate
miles hoffman. he's a sweetheart.
by paulstar
Classical Net has been Updated
... 107 new CD and DVD reviews. Note that Classical Net as back its URL. Older URLs (such as will continue to work as ...
by Via Caltha
We always think of western classical music as The classical ...
We always think of western classical music as The classical music, but I would like to acquaint myself with other cultures classical musics. Could anyone advice what pieces to look for? (African, ...
by Guest
Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
I'm curious. Of classical piano music from the 19th century, which pieces are generally regarded as the easiest? Which are regarded as the most difficult? Which do you personally find the easiest or ...
by LimShady
Re: Best keyboard in lieu of a piano?
For classical music, you really need a digital piano rather than a digital keyboard, i.e., 88 weighted keys, but I doubt you would be able to get anything decent in your price range. Several years ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Edward Elgar - Looking for information
I am looking for a book on Elgar for my Father in Law. Any references would be appreciated. I know nothing about classical music but am willing to learn. Thanks in advance Gavin
by wordshop
WOV program #60 - 8 April 2001
Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Daylight Time , only on the internet, in streaming audio. Host and programmer: John Wiser Each program is rebroadcast on ...
by dongisselbeck
Taruskin: Orffs Musical and Moral Failings
NYT May 6, 2001 Orff's Musical and Moral Failings By RICHARD TARUSKIN DON'T look now, but Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra are teasing us again about music and politics. In recent ...
by Via Caltha
Re: Mozart Song ID - help please
Don't you recall Canute commanding the sea to be still? Outside the small world of classical music, 'song' is no longer restricted to solo-voice-with-accompaniment, but refers to just about any piece ...
by sweth
Melody from C U when U get there
I know that the song's melody is based on a classical piece but I have no idea which piece is it. Maybe someone knows this theme ? Big thanks in Advance Greg
by ugordan
WW2 music?
I'm looking for classical pieces inspired by the second World War. I have Penderecki's 'Dies Irae', but that's it.
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: Need help identifying piece
Why? He lived 1739-1799; by the time he was a mature composer, clarinets became quite common. And yes, he did use clarinets. I'm afraid you've been listening to too much of 'Baby needs Mozart'. ...
by pranab
Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
Just curious. Has any classical guitarist ever tried performing or recording Beethoven's Violin Concerto on guitar? If so, how did it come across? Jarl Sigurd to listen to a classical guitar concerto ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: Kurt Weills Violin Concerto question
... ll violin concerto is quite a rarity. It is not in his threepenny opera style, it is in his tougher classical vein and shows just what a good composer Weill really was. It is quite a complex work, ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: BBC Music Magazine
The BBC music magazine is pot luck basically. Some recordings and performances are excellent, most are acceptable and more than a good few end up being awful. So awful they get put out after the ...
by paulstar
Re: Kennicott in Washington Post
Most of what I've heard seems written to OFFEND (there being little other apparent reason for writing music that seems not to have any intention of communicating with an audience). Why would someone ...
by mostwanted
Re: Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not
Classical music is the ability of any music to transcend it's own genre. Movie music probably has to fit the visual. However, you could do Henry the Fifth with a soundtrack by the Clash and still ...
by AlexMoose
Re: List of crimes returns
Attempting to show a pattern from a single, erroneous example, however extreme, isn't 'logical' and it isn't even good satire. **** 'musicians' and their fans have shown a clear pattern of criminal ...
by Vgtrzubx
Happy Easter! if hearing an echt Wagnerian is your Grail, <phone>
Hear what the critics have raved their hosannas about. 'Trust, but verify,' PRESIDENT REAGAN wisely admonished. <phone> or <phone> and let us talk and hear ME <email> ! You ...
by Squint
Re: Opinions of the Brilliant Classics Label
I : purchase anything I was wondering whether they are a great value or a matter : of 'you get what you pay for.' Specifically, I was interested in comments : on the Bach Edition. : : Thanks, : : ...
by AlexMoose
Re: Music or Sound: Which one is the goal?
... ist before http. And now, back to music. If I may restate your question, do you think one can enjoy classical music without a perfect sound? I think so. We even ...
by Atomicat
Beethoven: complete piano sonatas
i'm primarily a jazz listener; my knowledge of classical is pretty limited. i'm looking to explore beethoven's piano sonatas, and i was hoping someone here might have a suggestion. i'm trying to ...
by Alfred
Rachmaninov PC No.2, Survey
Interesting article online, with a quite beautiful layout, at Inkpot. The writer of the survey is Jonathan Yungkans - Andrys
by BankirOwer

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