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Electronic music in different variations has been with us for a while now, and some musicians click with it and some don’t.

Another thing that is happening more and more in the music scene is mixed media performances - with one or more media feeding of each other, building and building one another.

A great example of this is “Rechenzentrum”, a German video/music duo, one of who’s videos I have posted above.

I read an interesting interview with them here and one point they made that I hadn’t really thought about before is that mixed media is not such a new concept:

Along the lines of evolution, it seems that in electronic music there’s been an increasing focus on integrating music with visuals-although within the history of art it’s had a long history in its own right. Why do you think this relationship of music to to video has become so important of late?

L: The history is very long. Hundreds of years ago Leonardo da Vinci tried to make pianos that also create light with candles and colored paper, so this idea of using various media is nothing new. Warhol was doing it in the 60s, by projecting his own film Chelsea Girls on the Velvet Underground as they played. I always found it interesting with him that when he noticed the audience was starting to like it, he would get irritated and immediately change the films. It wasn’t supposed to make people feel lounge-y and happy; it was supposed to be irritating. We never had a concept when we started; it was just that Marc was a musician and I’m a filmmaker, so we said let’s see if these two things work.

I think that it adds a certain amount of depth to the music, making a multi sensual experience... on the other hand, just listening to music with my eyes closed can do very similar things visually inside my own mind....

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