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It's my thanksgiving day song.

The gods thought it lacked charisma and what was the other thing... oh yes, interest.

I got high marks on technical skill.... lol, me technical skill.... No don't think so. But you know who knows what a God means when they say technical things. They (gods) don't come with a manual.

And they liked the lyrics... that they should've. (P.S. for those not in the midWest USA, Cub Food is a big grocery store chain, and those not in the USA, Butterball, I think, is the #1 selling turkey brand.)


ButterBall - comments are always useful

[v1] Every time I think of all The things you never ever do I think about the Butterball That proved to be my Waterloo,

My main downfall.

I was in there at Cub Food Thinking like I always do Thinking I know what I should If I really wanted to.

As I recall

Didn't really wanna spend Lot of time thinking about Get the number one name brand Then I would be in and out.

Made sense to me.

Turkey day was coming fast And I didn't wann share Grabbed the very very last Frozen birdie sitting there

Next thing I see

[chorus 1] You were jumping up and down, Shaking your finger straight at me. 'That's mine', you said with a frown 'That one is my turkey.' 'That one is my turkey.'

[verse2] Why I was sympathetic Never will I understand. Why you thought I was romantic Even worse to comprehend.

I should have known

Better than to say hello Should've left with nothing more Than to tell you where to go Got the heck out of that store

Just me alone.

But I was really stupid Said I didn't even want it Next thing I heard the voice of cupid Saying if you would permit

Me to give you

That Butterball was meant to be And anything you wanted else My words were tripping over me I asked you over to my house

Next thing I see

[chorus2] You came racing down that aisle Took that Butterball from me 'Sure will' you said with a smile. 'That one is my turkey.' 'That one is my turkey.'

[verse 3] Should I've known what you had meant When you said that turkey's mine? Why so quickly your consent When I asked if you would dine?

With me that night

Ever since I always thought When it gets near turkey day What if I had never bought What you said at that café

How much delight

I provided you with all, Everything you wanted most What about that Butterball? Should we bake or should we roast?

I didn't see

You had changed from you to we And the waiter said we looked So very nice for him to see, Should've know my goose was cooked

So completely.


Every time I think of all The things you never ever do I think about the Butter ball That proved to be my Waterloo

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lyrics snipped

Tim. Thank you for another quirky work. I now have 2 of your songs on my HD: Butterball and Killing Nationalities. I'm not sure how to describe your stuff. Quirky is the best word. Quirky is good. I wish I were more quirky. Your lyrics are sometimes a little difficult to follow. I really hate it when a songwriter makes me think. Ooh, that hurts my widdle head! I have to read them a couple of times to make sure I understand them completely. And then when I hear the song, the melody is never how I imagined it would be when I was reading the lyrics. And I'm never sure where the melody is going to go from verse to chorus to bridge. Why can't you be more predictable like all the commercial successes? And your singing style, the tumbling delivery, the pause, and then the machine gun rat-a-tat-tat words come again. Butterball, indeed. I keep listening to Killing Nationalities. I am trying to decide if I like it or not. I can't make up my mind, but I keep going back and listening to it again. I'm not sure what it all means: the song, nationalities, life, etc.

Jay Seeley

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Doh! I had Butterball down on my list of song titles. (got the name from one of the cenobites in Hellraiser).

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