WOV program #60 - 8 April 2001
... morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Daylight Time , only on the internet, in streaming audio. Host and programmer: John Wiser Each program is rebroadcast on the following Saturday beginning at ...
by dongisselbeck
what is the difference between absolute music and program mu...
what is the difference between absolute music and program music
by youhoodstar
Most interesting program, Ravels Brain
Last night on the French/German channel ARTE, caught a documentary about Ravel, called Ravel's Brain. It combined surreal imagery, some faked footage of Ravel and his friends along with some real ...
by dfghdfbffd
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas - Program notes: Sonata No. 4?
I've been enjoying Robert Silverman's program notes and listening to various performances of the sonatas (mainly Claude Frank), but I can't for the life of me find notes to Sonata #4, not even in ...
by Lilith
Can anyway tell me if there is QwikChords program out there that works with...
Can anyway tell me if there is QwikChords program out there that works with Mac OSX?
by Guest
Re: Absolute Music: What is it?
Absolute music is the opposite of program music. It is music from which all explicit context has been removed. It has nothing to do with the music itself but with the 'frame' in which the music is ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
, internet radio in MP3, #28
A short program of interesting music , in both Hi- and Lo-fi MP3 streams (or you may download most of the pieces to keep). The latest installment is mostly North American, with a few 'dips' south: ...
by paulsonjack
BBC Music Magazine
... for the cover CD - since I don't have much spare time to read the mag (or to go through the CD-ROM program, for that matter). You never know how good the recording ...
by Met
Re: P4P
... ore info on their business retail changes, which basically says that they've been 'subsidizing' the program up until now, and they still hope for it to do better in future. Their ...
by Mamtersasf
Re: WNIB sold (sob!)
Contemplating ten forms of suicide. This is the worst thing that could possibly befall our beloved city. I received my classical music early education on this beloved station from shows like Karl ...
by Alfred
Re: Toscanini Conducting Sibelius 4th
Maestro played the work once with NBC in April of 1940, and prepared it twice with the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, once in 1931 and again (for a single performance) in April of 1934. ...
by paulsonjack
Writing music on paper
I'm just fishing for other's experiences here - to share the load etc. :-) I've recently started writing music on the stave (over 20 years after I first took up an instrument and over 30 years since ...
by LimShady
Taruskin: Orffs Musical and Moral Failings
NYT May 6, 2001 Orff's Musical and Moral Failings By RICHARD TARUSKIN DON'T look now, but Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra are teasing us again about music and politics. In recent ...
by Via Caltha
Re: Backing tracks
I've tried this, I can't remember which program of mine did it but I can say it doesn't work. The vocals are still there, just real faint but what it does do is distort the music. So bad you can't ...
by Alfred
Re: guitar lessons..
If you have a MAC you can get a program called ChordBookV2 as shareware (available from most download sites) It is very good to sit and learn chords with. I have a chord chart or 2 with lots of ...
by Angelus897
Do you get any/many legitimate posting from on web pages?
All I seem to get are posts like this:- 'This is a message for Music of Adam Harris from Monica Martin Hi: Iam the manager of Mr. Jose Soto, a very famous and credited recording engineer from Cuba. ...
by bluelou
Re: Gardiners Bach Cantata Pilgrimage ends in NY.
Presumably there has been an ad in the New York Times; I haven't received any mailings. Posters for serious music events are not used in New York. Episcopal (Anglican Communion). It's the best known ...
by cihotfxox
Elliott Carter
I was listening to a radio program today and i got wondering, aside from metric modulation and character patterns, did Carter 'invent' any other techniques? I am sure he did but can't think what.
by shay
Re: Yo Yo Ma and Emmanuel Ax at Carnegie Last night
I think it was Brahms. I did not like their preceding Brahms sonata at all. The right gestures but no Brahmsian drive. Very careful and correct playing, not embarrassingly bad, so why did I want to ...
by Met
Juzo Toyama ?
Hello group, Does anybody know anything about this Japanese composer? I hope I spelled his name 'correctly'. A couple of months ago, his Rhapsody for Orchestra was the encore of a concert by the ...
by Lilith
Re: Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not
Classical music is the ability of any music to transcend it's own genre. Movie music probably has to fit the visual. However, you could do Henry the Fifth with a soundtrack by the Clash and still ...
by AlexMoose
Re: A little off-Chord/Lyric editor-best???
Boutros, I've never heard the term 'chord/lyric editor'. Notation programs will make tabs for guitars as well as displaying the chords with or without showing where the fingers go on the guitar but ...
by thunderchicken
Re: my first fugue
Hi David... whats .ps? It doesnt work on any of the windows program that I have. cal
by dg8200
... just listened to some classical songs sang by a boy (maybe with a choir in the background) in a TV program (Oh not Vienna Boys Choir). I do not know the name of the song. Of course, ...
by BankirOwer
Re: Pollini in New York
... located on Lexington Ave. between 91st & 92nd Sts.), which has an extremely active cultural affairs ...
by AlexMoose
Nutcracker rocks!
I can't believe it took me this long to realize there was good music beyond Tchaikovsky's spoon-fed Nutcracker Suite. Now that I've heard the complete ballet, I love the other movements more than the ...
by Lilith
Re: guitar software
hello can i get the source code to your quickchord. what i am trying to do is to have a program that i can use to make any custom fretboard diagram, with custom-fret & custom note selection, with, ...
by jonathan kerness
Re: Help me identify this music from NPR
This music was used a lot on the PRI (not NPR!) program This American Life. According to it's something called 'Perpetuum mobile' by the Penguin Cafe ...
by grumpy
Re: Lou Harrison in RealAudio
Hi y'all, This week on Mappings , you'll hear music by Lou Harrison, including his work's Rhymes with Silver, Piano Concerto, Varied Trio, Gending Alexander, Concerto in slendro, 5th Simfony
by trampamlm
Re: A Review of Jarl Sigurds new Ampcast clips
I have now nailed down the association that has been nagging at me ever since I first had the misfortune to listen to JS's music. In 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' by Douglas Adams, one of ...
by ekphron
Re: REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Good program, continued success. Regards Before you buy.
by Vgtrzubx
The Kings New Clothes
... nce members during the performance (i.e. yawning, sleeping, the rolling of eyes, head buried in the program or other reading ...
by Kimberly
New York City Opera in Dire Straits
... pera has had to exchange all it wonderful new plans of renewal and makeover for a more Conservative program for the upcoming year. The New, now ex, General Manager and Artistic director, Gerard ...
by Kimberly
Dmitri Hvorostovsky at the Edinburgh Festival
Dmitri Hvorostovsky
... y to be one of the finest baritones of the 21st century, performed at the Edinburgh Festival with a program and wardrobe in which the fashionable Russian gloom was well represented. The first half ...
by Kimberly

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