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Peter Greenaway- Do You Follow His Work? by Kimberly
This post is going to be short and sweet, and ever so slightly of topic. I want to send you over to Felsenmusick to read Daniels latest post on the wonders of Peter Greenaway I Just want to add a few words of my own before I send you to somebody ...
Opera in The Park by Kimberly
Anything that brings art and culture to the masses is a really good thing, I think. Happily, I am not alone in this thought S.F. Opera simulcast sets ballpark record. Apparently, the SF Orchestra has been streaming its performances from the War ...
Unique or Pedestrian by Kimberly

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I would love to pitch myself..Always figured THEY WON'T LISTEN BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW ME?? A lot say no unsolicited material so...
by Russell - 1 week ago
They're not legitimate as they've never really done anything for me except record crappy DEMOS...David Fox recorded some of my songs and when I told him to record a 5 piece demo he sent me ...
by Maverick Ashley Lenartson - 1 week ago
Can anybody recommend LEGITIMATE SONGPLUGGERS in Nashville, TN or the area who can help me get recording contracts that are legitimate so I can move to the next level in my Pop Career as a ...
by Maverick Ashley Lenartson - 1 week ago
Hi can u help. iv got roland gr33 with gk2a pick up. Whin its switch to just guitar it not working
by chris - 2 weeks ago
I have GR33 with gk2a pick up. the synth working but when i switch it over just to guitar it not working any help would be great
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
How much are you selling it for and can you ship to the us?
by 20bnoll - 1 month ago
The composer in question is Edward (Eduard) D. Stein, composer of the Concert Piece in A-major op. 9 for double bass and piano. Can anyone find dates of his life (is it from te 18th or 19th ...
by Guest - 5 months ago

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