Are edlee music and magic key productions legitimate product...

are edlee music and magic key productions legitimate production companies

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I didn't hear of any of them. Both has an online site but that doesn't mean anything as you may know. Here's some things written here about Edlee music:

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Maverick Ashley Lenartson

They're not legitimate as they've never really done anything for me except record crappy DEMOS...David Fox recorded some of my songs and when I told him to record a 5 piece demo he sent me the new recording and changed the pronouns just to **** me off and I didn't realize this until much later. He doesn't seem to want to be honest and legitimate but is more interested in taking peoples money and making DEMOS but then never follows through with submitting the songs to labels that would get him deals so whats the deal??? You won't really get anywhere with Magic Key Productions, just frustrated. I have the DEMOS. They need to be Mastered to sound better. The song I had recorded as a DEMO as a guitar version 'Stone Cold & Crazy' was spot on with the guitar but it's not complete. And, I had to have him re-record it. That's the song I had trouble over and I know my craft and how to shoot the sh*t with people in the business but trying to get anywhere with this company won't get you what you seek. You will just end up with a high or a low quality DEMO that hasn't been mastered and either have to spend more money having it mastered or do it yourself. That's my honest OPINION and I'm not angry in any way, just a little bit frustrated. The guy is a sham or a scam waiting to happen...The other song 'Crazy' is good as recorded but sounds a little bit tinny so it wasn't recorded properly for whatever reason...there are issues with it...

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