Beethoven: complete piano sonatas
i'm primarily a jazz listener; my knowledge of classical is pretty limited. i'm looking to explore beethoven's piano sonatas, and i was hoping someone here might have a suggestion. i'm trying to ...
by Alfred
Complete Beethoven Sonatas
Does anyone reccommend buying a single set collection of the 32 Beethoven Sonatas (all perormed by the same pianist)? If so, which ones: I would be looking to spend no more that £50. Would the ...
by dg8200
Complete Beethoven Piano Concerti
Jeffrey Kahane is going to play, and conduct from the keyboard, all five Beethoven piano concerti this week....he is the music director of the Santa Rosa (California) Symphony. He's doing #2,3,4 on ...
by VertinMon
Baby Needs Baroque/Mozart/Bee thoven etc.
Whilst searching for something else on I stumbled across a series of cds titled Baby Needs Baroque, Baby Needs Beethoven, Baby Needs Mozart and so on. Does anyone here have a view ...
by Heath Patrie
New kovacevich beethoven cd
has anyone here heard the new kovacevich beethoven cd with the 'moonlight sonata' and how does it compare to the rest of his recent beethoven cycle? also i have heard good reports about the new ...
by wordshop
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas - Program notes: Sonata No. 4?
I've been enjoying Robert Silverman's program notes and listening to various performances of the sonatas (mainly Claude Frank), but I can't for the life of me find notes to Sonata #4, not even in ...
by Lilith
Beethoven 9th/NY Phil/Dec. 30
If anyone here actually showed up that night in the storm for the concert, I 'd appreciate your taunting me with details, as I paid a monstrous sum for the tickets and was then snowed in.
by RichField
Fs: Unopened 1966 Beethoven Box set
I thought classical music collectors might have an interest in this set which I am selling on ebay. It is an unopened (still sealed in original plastic) 1966 Beethoven box set by Command Classics of ...
by Atomicat
C-SPAN Beethoven 59/3
Just watching C-SPAN coverage of the Senate for the first time. During a 'quorum call' they are playing a recording of Beethoven's Op 59/3:i. Anyone know what recording this is? I'd like to avoid it
by misha23
The Beethoven Symphony No 7 in A
I have some of The Beethoven Symphony No 7 in A on 35 mm magnetic film
by cparrish
Is anyone sellingb robert Silverman's set of complete Beethoven piano sonat...
Is anyone sellingb robert Silverman's set of complete Beethoven piano sonatas?
by Guest
Re: Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
Liszt is my personal Everest. I've never had the courage to work up a Liszt piece. I've done a lot of Chopin, but I'd have to put certain movements of the Sonatas, and at least one Etude, on my ...
by Ticketdealer
Re: Angry music
If you're talking Beethoven, better would be the 1st 2 movements of the 9th, & the Appassionata. For Chopin, the etude in BMinor, the scherzo in BMinor, and especially the prelude in DMinor. Lot's of ...
by globular
Re: What Music Would De Sade Have Listened To?
Marche Slave - Tchaikovsky Prisoners' Chorus - Beethoven The Knot Garden - Tippett Chain 2 - Lutoslawski Summer's last weal and testament - Lambert Harmonie der Welt - Hindemith Smack the knife - ...
by paulsonjack
Re: What IS That Piece
Once I reach a certain degree of familiarity with a piece this isn't a problem. On the other hand, it happens to me quite a bit to pieces I only hear once in a while (not being able to identify ...
by switchtech
Re: Lost work by Handel could rival Messiah
I wonder...Messiah is a pinnacle of Western civilization, certainly. But, it has its own merits plus nearly three centuries of acclaim behind it to impress itself upon us. How will this work fare, ...
by WayneM
Re: Cadenza score
I'm curious, knowing nothing about violin literature. One of the most famous of Beethoven's songs is titled 'Adelaide'. Is there any connection between the two works? (Thematic material of one based ...
by paulstar
Re: Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
Kazuhito Yamashita recorded it for RCA in the eighties. He also recorded From The New World for solo guitar. I saw the Beethoven concerto on CD in 1989 but never acquired it. Auctions or second-hand ...
by 10stone5
Re: What else is similar to Mozarts Requiem?
Try the two Beethoven masses: in d minor (Missa Solemnis) and the one in C
by sweth
Used to be: Mozart was not a great innovator!
Hi, I posted an article and the purpose was to find out some facts, not *opinions*, *lectures* and forays into Rachmanioff and the like... I got only 2 useful replies from: Steven Forrest, who ...
by AlexMoose
News from the Jupiter Symphonys season finale
Before the concert, Jens Nygaard listed (for half an hour!!) some of next season's programs (not everything is finalized; I suppose it'll be a few weeks before it's at the website). Highlights ...
by cihotfxox
Re: The Romantic Piano Concerto
I'd call the Beethoven Fourth Concerto romantic, without any hesitation. The stylistic influence on the Chopin Piano Concertos is obvious!
by cihotfxox
Re: Waht do you think about Authur Grumiaux?
I agree- I love his Bach. To me, Heifetz is overrated. Great player no doubt, but was much better suited to salon-type music IMO Kreisler- a wonderful player but had an incredibly restricted ...
by Ticketdealer
Re: Von Karajan and Glenn Gould
The beethoven concerto has been released on the labels Cedar and Memories. Re: the Bach d minor concerto, I think you're thinking of the one with Mitropoulos. J (copied in email)
by Lilith
Re: Thursday Club -The most influential composer of the 20th century?
Allen Watson says... I'd say Schoenberg was a lot more influential than Stravinsky as well; though the 20th century lacked any parallel to Beethoven in the 19th century. Also I'd say Schoenberg was ...
by thunderchicken
REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Playlists for Program #43 and rebroadcast of Program #41 Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Standard Time , only on the internet. Host and programmer: John ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Major chords vs. Minor chords
I haven't listened to both versions yet, but I'd argue that there are definitely mood differences associated with majors and minors. Most 'happy' pop songs have the key lyrics underlined by Major ...
by He'sDeadJim
Tan tan te neen, tan tan tee neen
sorry for this strange title.. I am dying for 2 months now.. I have heard in the TV about a classic CD which contains music from Beethoven, Bach etc.. and one classic music (song) was from composer ...
by AlexMoose
Taruskin: Orffs Musical and Moral Failings
NYT May 6, 2001 Orff's Musical and Moral Failings By RICHARD TARUSKIN DON'T look now, but Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra are teasing us again about music and politics. In recent ...
by Via Caltha
On the passing of a relative I discovered in his collection of music a 5cd ...
On the passing of a relative I discovered in his collection of music a 5cd box set of Mengelberg Conducts Beethoven: The Nine Symphonies (The Historic 1940 Concert Cycle)still in the shrink wrap. ...
by Guest
Re: Haydn Trumpet Concerto
This inescapable piece is best listened to as follows: (1) First movement, but of Beethoven's Fourth symphony. (2) Continue as before.
by dongisselbeck
Re: Absolute Music: What is it?
I wonder if the distinction between program and abstract music is ever tht cut and dried. Certainly the association of composers such as Bartok (Miraculous Mandarin) and Stravinsky (Petrushka's ...
by heavyhauler
Do you have your favorite violist?
I never paid enough attention to this instrument as I understand now… And now I see that it was a mistake. Some time ago I have heard some of favorite compositions, Variations on Rococo Theme by ...
by MaryG
National Symphony Orchestra
Now THIS outfit has has progressed considerably over the years. Did anyone else hear them regularly back in the Fifties and Sixties, when Howard Mitchell would do things like have the words to the ...
by waylaid
Re: Three Newby Questions
In my CD collection I have popular music from all time periods filed in amongst my classical recordings, but at least I knew the difference. Jarl, look in the New Grove Dictionary of Music. I ...
by 10stone5
Re: Do musicians see music diffrently from Music Lovers?
But that's virtually impossible. The new listener will have innumerable opportunities to listen to the Top 40 (most of which are up there quite deservedly), and very few to compare with Beethoven's ...
by Glutomoto
Re: Please name this from Interview w/Vampire!!
According to the IMDB (, all the 'Non-original music' was composed by: Joseph Haydn Georg Friedrich Händel Ludwig van Beethoven As to which *pieces* were played in the film, the ...
by BarbiePussy
Re: Chord progression analysis and theory -- sites?
Realized 'advanced' is a pretty relative term. I'm looking for sites that go through pieces like Beethoven's Pathetique or Moonlight Sonata and analyze each chord, and possibly talk about his motives ...
by bluelou
Re: Some years ago there was a "poll" about "what piece of music would you brin...
I think my choice will be something from the new disk of Beethoven compositions in the performance of Maxim Rysanov, Kristina Blaumane and Jacob Katsnelson, which I recently found at onyxclassics ...
by MaryG
Re: D Major and violin concerti
Actually, Beethoven and Brahms
by dg8200

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