FA 70s Laney Klipp Valve.Tube 100 guitar amp - very rare
This rare guitar amp is in excellent condition, almost unmarked, complete with its original cover. This was an amp used by Black Sabbath (I know because I saw it at a gig in Leicester UK at the time) ...
by misha23
Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
Just curious. Has any classical guitarist ever tried performing or recording Beethoven's Violin Concerto on guitar? If so, how did it come across? Jarl Sigurd to listen to a classical guitar concerto ...
by dongisselbeck
Mutant Guitar Neck Placement
OK, so I'm trying to cross breed a crappy Les Paul copy body I have with a strange Strat replacement neck I bought on e-bay and it suddenly dawned on me (I was having too much fun planning the ...
by BankirOwer
Could anyone please show me Am7 guitar chord
could anyone please show me Am7 guitar chord
by Guest
Guitar software
does anyone know anything about this software? I am trying to find good software to write cords on clearly. I found a couple of options but was wondering if anyone here could advise me on the matter ...
by Kimberly
Guitar lessons..
anybody know of any good online 'beginning guitar' software?? please reply direct thanks in advance
by Lilith
Topsy turvy guitar solo first song experiment results
... entitled 'how much is too much'. I decided to put the groups opinions to the test by writing a song guitar solo first, and then fitting everything else around that. The result is really rather ...
by 10stone5
Ska guitar: amp settings
I have a Telecaster and a V-amp. I want to play ska. What amp simulations/settings should I use (clean amp
by David Minster
Heavy guitar sounds
I have a question about recording guitar tracks that I hope someone can answer. Seems like everyone is using these digital modelling amps to record. I've got a strictly old-school analog rig that ...
by Shane
Best (cheapest) condenser microphone to record acoustic guitar ?
Has anyone experienced with various ones ? I've got a dynamic vocal Sennheiser e855 that is really poor when recording picking. Thank you ?
by Linda2
Im looking for a wiring diagram for a 1981 Ibanez BL-50mh guitar
im looking for a wiring diagram for a 1981 Ibanez BL-50mh guitar
by Guest
Headphone out to Guitar Line input
I have a 320 watts guitar amplifier with headphone out having its own volume control. I concerned about the sound signal coming out from this headphone out IF can be use and connected directly to ...
by Benjie
Where can I purchase Guitar Fretboard making software for Mac OSX? I need t...
Where can I purchase Guitar Fretboard making software for Mac OSX? I need to generate custom chord fretboards for a Christian YP songbook. Any leads would be appreciated.
by Guest
Where can I purchase Guitar Fretboard making software for Mac OSX? I need t...
Guitar Fretboard Software for OSX. Where can I purchase Guitar Fretboard making software for Mac OSX? I need to generate custom chord fretboards for a Christian YP songbook. Any leads would be ...
by Guest
Hey ummm how would you fix a broken guitar string?
hey ummm how would you fix a broken guitar string?
by Guest
Re: Yamaha FG411S - Second Hand Value??
I have had a yamaha fg411s for years, it was for 10 years the only guitar I had; good action, good sound and no problems. I would not sell my guitar if offered 500.00, I could not find it's equal for ...
by Dave H
Any thoughts on the Takamine EGS430SC?
Hi, Does anyone have any comments positive or otherwise about this guitar? I'm seriously thinking of purchasing one If anyone could suggest a better alternative at £400 or less i'd be very ...
by javierruizleon
Re: The best written songs of all time?
... th, including one thread that has only just died. 1st one I hate, 2nd is great, 3rd has a brilliant guitar solo, 4th I've never heard. But what difference does it make? This has only a tenuous link ...
by thunderchicken
Re: How to convert a headphone out 1/4" jack to line out quality
If you are careful about this, all you need is an adapter the has a stereo 1/4" male TRS plug on one end and separate Left/Right RCA jacks on the other end. (Assuming you have RCA inputs on the ...
by Zippybackflash
Re: Ibanez wiring diagram
Did you ever get a diagram for this 2372 guitar? I need one as well. Jim
by Jim
Re: Most Psychedelic Classical Music?
I don't think there is an exact definition of 'psychedelic' music. Originally it meant music composed under the influence of substances such as LSD, or the one which causes effect similar to LSD, ...
by misha23
Re-recording old songs. Your opinions, please
Interesting questions... As I move to progressively more sophisticated (for me, anyway) recording gear I want to rerecord everything of mine too. It's probably a fairly natural impulse, especially if ...
by LimShady
Re: Headphones mixup with randall amp
Good morning, and welcome to the forum! Actually, I have been a Randall user for many years, although I will admit that I have never tried that particular model. What makes me curious is that I do ...
by Zippybackflash
Re: Roland VS880EX
... in fact real easy to handle. Just start up the Roland, plug in the input cables from the microphone/guitar, create a song, select a track in the ...
by Heath Patrie
Re: Tremolo system on fender stratocaster
... the subject - that it's mainly a Fender trem thing. I haven't, however, owned a Floyd Rose equipped guitar so I haven't used it much. I managed to get it right ...
by grumpy
Re: Roland GK2a-GR30 problem
... on't know if you've sorted your problem by now, but anyway. It's dead easy to connect up wrong. The guitar out jack on the GR30 is for guitar only. It goes to a guitar amp for dedicated guitar ...
by Johnny H
GR33 with GK2apick up
I have GR33 with gk2a pick up. the synth working but when i switch it over just to guitar it not working any help would be great
by Guest
QwikChord Version 3 Public Beta
Good afternoon, everyone Time for a shameless plug and a request for help from everyone here at My Chord Space... I created the original QuickChord app (linked elsewhere on this site) more than 6 ...
by Zippybackflash
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
Danny, Well, you can always make up a great melody without theory. We all got music in our soul waiting to be sung. And notation is just a primitive way to put music on paper. If you got a good ear ...
by Vgtrzubx
Hi Cris, Nice melody structure, but like another user said, doesn't develop. I kept wanting the song to change gears a bit, build more, etc. The main strum is catchy and could be turned into a jazz, ...
by AlexMoose
I thought that music was an old jimi hendrix song i guess im...
i thought that music was an old jimi hendrix song i guess im wrong but sounds like his monster guitar to me
by Guest
Re: Suggestions for small amp sounds good when played low
Thanks for all the responses. It looks as if there will be something that does the job, I just have to start narrowing the list down! A question about some of the suggestions: Roland cube- does it ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: Are edlee music and magic key productions legitimate product...
They're not legitimate as they've never really done anything for me except record crappy DEMOS...David Fox recorded some of my songs and when I told him to record a 5 piece demo he sent me the new ...
by Maverick Ashley Lenartson
Re: Writing songs and/or arrangements?
No band, but I frequently get joiners-in even when they have never heard a song before. Most of regulars are experienced pub and traditional session musicians and only need to hear the first verse to ...
by johnfoo
Old song surviving: mp3 changes
Since I have almost abandoned, and recording, in the last few weeks it's been interesting to see activity settle down, but quite odd to see what surfaces when no attempt is made to ...
by WayneM
Misty Shadows of Dawn
Here is something completely different for me. It is far from finished and is just me and my guitar. Please excuse the guitar playing. I haven't played for so long my fingers were killing me. ...
by VertinMon
Re: Though expensive, how good are Active pups ie Lace,Emg ?
Actually, I remember meeting this guy about 20 years ago who was an electronics freak and was always tinkering around with pickups, and different ways of wiring phase switches and stuff. Anyway, at ...
by Zippybackflash
Home recording: V-drums any good?
I have recently caught the home recording bug. Coming from a guitar background, a main problem for me has been in programming drum sequences, either via MIDI or using samples. Basically, because I ...
by ipixer
Re: New MP3
I agree with Gary that the lyrics are fine but the vocals need more attitude. I think you should sing it like your publicly humuliating the deadbeat hero of the song in a dramatic fashion;'hey ...
by David Minster
Brand New Jarl Sigurd Song!!!
Yesiree folks, the moment you've been eagerly anticpating is now at hand. Jarl Sigurd has posted a brand new song at called 'Seduction from the Deep' ...
by globular

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