Best Mozart Jupiter Symphony
What great recordings are there of Mozart Symphony No. 40 & 41 ? Has anyone got any particular recording to recommend? / Daniel
by dongisselbeck
Mozart vs Schubert?
Considering that both Mozart and Scubert had birthdays recently, (Schubert today) I'd like to pose this questions to the newsgroup: 1.Given a choice, whose music would you rather listen to, Mozart's ...
by 10stone5
Used to be: Mozart was not a great innovator!
Hi, I posted an article and the purpose was to find out some facts, not *opinions*, *lectures* and forays into Rachmanioff and the like... I got only 2 useful replies from: Steven Forrest, who ...
by AlexMoose
Mozart K.456
Can someone unravel this confusion. I was glancing over the Naxos Record Guide on movies that used classical sources; one such source is named as Adagio and Fugure, K.456, from the film G.I.JANE. But ...
by Heath Patrie
Mozart Song ID - help please
... I have a question for you. Could you please tell me what Mozart piece this is? I found it in the movie Amadeus, however, it doesn't show up on the soundtrack. The ...
by swaqar
Could anybody recommend any other slow paced Piano music similar to Mozart sonata for
Could anybody recommend any other slow paced Piano music similar to Mozart sonata for 2 pianos in d major. Thanks in advance.
by paulsonjack
Mozart and
Absolutely. Although Mozart knew the tune in the French version. The tune has had several lyric incarnations, including set to the English alphabet as a mnemonic device. The piece is usually ...
by waylaid
Baby Needs Baroque/Mozart/Bee thoven etc.
Whilst searching for something else on I stumbled across a series of cds titled Baby Needs Baroque, Baby Needs Beethoven, Baby Needs Mozart and so on. Does anyone here have a view ...
by Heath Patrie
What Is This Piece? Mozart?
I attach a very small MIDI file (785 bytes) containing some fragments of a piece for piano duet which has been annoying me for days. I think it is by Mozart and I should be most grateful if some kind ...
by cihotfxox
Perlman playing Mozart
Okay, is it me, or is Perlman absolutely terrible and playing Mozart? I heard a recording of the 3rd Concerto... it was plain, lacking style and texture. It was far too straightforward; it wasn't ...
by 10stone5
New to classical music, mozart suggestions please
Hi there One of my favourate films is Amadeus, and I recently bought the soundtrack cd. I love some of the music (particularly the piano concertos) and wondered if anyone could suggest further ...
by RichField
Mozart Serenade K361
I'd very much like to put together an outdoor performance of Mozart's Serenade for 13, K361 for a summer party. However, the two basset-horn parts provide an obvious stumbling block. Is it possible ...
by pranab
Re: Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
I would agree that 'easiness' is tricky concept, but on the other hand it doesn't seem sensible to me to debunk it altogether; and it may be applied to make certain useful classifications. I used to ...
by Glutomoto
Re: The Truth of Casadesus?
Wait, I visited the site and found that they indeed admit to the forgeries (at least to the 'Mozart'): 'Il se fait surtout remarquer par son orchestration d'un 'Concerto pour la princesse Adélaïde' ...
by Angelus897
Re: What Music Would De Sade Have Listened To?
How about Mozart's 'Paris' symphony (no. 31), which was written specifically to the tastes of Paris audiences (and therefore(?) de Sade's?)... With a little research, though, it would probably be ...
by Tijbuktur
Online classical music encyclopedia
Say I would like to find out the following: Mozart's 25th Piano Concerto: How many movements does it have, and what are they named? When was it composed? What is the key? What is the KV? Any other ...
by heavyhauler
Re: Cadenza score
The so-called 'Adelaide' Violin Concerto was written in 1930s by one of the Casadesus brothers and published as a newly discovered Mozart work. Adelaide was one of French princesses whom the little ...
by Squint
Re: What else is similar to Mozarts Requiem?
Well, probably I'll say a great nonsense but due to spacionusness signifier of 'similar' word I'll propose a Requiem that IMO it renmind the Mozart's. Only up to point. I refer to Franz-Josef Krafft ...
by AlexMoose
Re: The information about the composer E.D. Stein
Is this Erwin Stein, who produced some vocal scores of Mozart operas (eg, Magic Flute, Don Giovanni) for Boosey and Hawkes in the first part of the 20th century?
by johndoe
Re: The Romantic Piano Concerto
Of the five, it comes the closest. Actually, I find places within Mozart's concertos very romantic indeed. And, to mention one more, the Brahms Second Concerto has portions in it that drip with ...
by heavyhauler
Re: Waht do you think about Authur Grumiaux?
I confess I don't know his Mozart, which is not necessarily his cup of tea. I positively defy you, however, to listen unimpressed to his performance of the Chaconne on Phillips.
by sweth
Ken Lanes observations on vocal technique
58 hits on a subject is something on a newsgroup. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY ORIGINAL description of vocal technique procedures? Posters are bringing in material that had no relation to what I posted. I ...
by misha23
REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Playlists for Program #43 and rebroadcast of Program #41 Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Standard Time , only on the internet. Host and programmer: John ...
by paulsonjack
Re: CD sheet-music - a question
Peter is quite correct here. In general if a piece of music is published then it remains in copyright until 70 years after the composers' death over here in Europe. American law is different and has ...
by globular
Re: Three Newby Questions
My Oxford is mum, too, but my 1969 American Heritage dictionary says under Classical: '3. Music. a. Pertaining to or designating the European music, as that of Haydn and Mozart, of the latter half of ...
by misha23
Re: Kennicott in Washington Post
didn't Schoenberg, in the Wiener <email> , say this same thing about johann strauss the other day? good grief, why are you quoting Schoenberg? don't we have enough trouble already with Paul ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: How much of Motzart is left in Salzburg? Have you been there...
Salzburg is definitely worth the trip. Mozart was living there until he was 25 and there's 2 Mozart museums there, with his childhood violin, his clavichord and more. There's operas, concerts and ...
by jade
Re: D Major and violin concerti
Nowadays perhaps. Not at the time most concertos in the standard repertoire, i suspect. I can't see that it's much to do with ease of playing. For a start, a professional musician shouldn't need to ...
by pranab
Re: Contentious: Genn Gould couldnt make it today
No question that GG 'shattered the mold' on Bach interpretation, as you have stated. I recently purchased a new Sony Classical release of 12 re-recordings of GG/Bach LP's. His approach seems to be ...
by WayneM
How do I spell his name?
I only know of one song by William Cornish(?), 'The Alter'. It's chorus or what some may call a hymn. Something you might hear in a very large church. No instruments, just probably Latin chorus. ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost
New York Times, 1.3.25 Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost By ANTHONY TOMMASINI BY this point it's terribly hard for Puccini's enduringly popular opera 'Tosca' to sound fresh. But a ...
by Elaine
Re: Do musicians see music diffrently from Music Lovers?
One certain difference is between whether or not you are aware of the 'context' of a piece of music. For example if you are used to the symphonic form as used by Mozart and Haydn then the early ...
by shay
The Sons of the Wheelwright of Rohrau
2005 and 2009 are the bicentennials of the deaths of Johann Michael and Franz Joseph Haydn; will they be honored with collections of their complete works? I pray that those may be more reasonably ...
by trampamlm
What to work on?
I have enough piano sheet music to choke a horse. What should I work on? This is what I have (anything could stand improvement): Chopin: Nocturnes, Preludes, Etudes, Ballades, Scherzi, Fantasie, ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: Need help identifying piece
'Baby X' doesn't mean 'like what X did as a baby,' Ms. Grammarian, but 'unsophisticated version of X.' Even so, he'd sound more like the Mozart of 1766 than like the Poulenc of 1950. It's big news ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Re: Opinions of the Brilliant Classics Label
I have the Brilliant set of the Mozart Complete Piano Sonatas with Klara Wurtz. I cannot fault them. Excellent recordings and sunny interpretations. Definitely worth the money. My only quibble was ...
by johnfoo
Bryn Terfels Don Giovanni
I came across this recording of Mozart's Don Giovanni - with Byrn Terfel. If anyone's heard it, I 'd like their comments.
by dg8200
Re: Looking for music similar to R. Strauss _Four Last Songs_
The all time great Lieder recordings, which are both available on one CD, are the Mozart with Walter Gieseking, and the Schubert with Edwin Fischer. eusebius7 occasional contributor to the ...
by BarbiePussy
Re: Complete Beethoven Piano Concerti
Not currently, but I wouldn't miss Kahane. I heard him do the Mozart c minor concerto (as well as conduct syms 33 and 39). He deserves to be far better known. His playing and conducting were superb. ...
by Ticketdealer
PLEASE name this classical tune in movies!!!!
THIS IS KILLING ME!! IM dying to know what this piece of classical music is but I cant find out what it is. Ok I dont have much to work with but... I was watching this old Brad Pitt movie shot in ...
by thunderchicken

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