Carmina Burana Manuscript Online?
Just wondering. Is the latin manuscript of the Carmina Burana posted anywhere on the net? If so, could someone provide a link? Jarl Sigurd to listen to a classical guitar concerto by me, visit: ...
by dg8200
Good online shopping ??
Can someone recommend an online classical shopping site which has a good selection? Thanks
by Alfred
Online classical music encyclopedia
Say I would like to find out the following: Mozart's 25th Piano Concerto: How many movements does it have, and what are they named? When was it composed? What is the key? What is the KV? Any other ...
by heavyhauler
Online cd-stores faq v42
Nothing comes up when I click desired section. Anyone else w/ a similar problem?
by paulstar
Online Lebanese Cultural radio
Hey Broadband Users... Check out a new online radio station called 'Lebanese Cultural Radio'. The only station online dedicated to fine arabic music. Classical Compositions, Jazz, Poetry, Folklore... ...
by Mamtersasf
Re: Van Cliburn Competition - Report #9
The modern pieces commissioned for competitions are often difficult and you can learn a lot about a player from this. They can't depend on learning a piece from recordings as so many do. It's about ...
by Linda2
Classical Net Update
The Classical Net site has been revised and updated. This time, we've added 76 new book, CD and DVD reviews. Note the new URL. Classical Net got involved with some criminals posing as businessmen. ...
by Angelus897
QwikChord Version 3 Public Beta
Good afternoon, everyone Time for a shameless plug and a request for help from everyone here at My Chord Space... I created the original QuickChord app (linked elsewhere on this site) more than 6 ...
by Zippybackflash
Re: Are edlee music and magic key productions legitimate product...
I didn't hear of any of them. Both has an online site but that doesn't mean anything as you may know. Here's some things written here about Edlee music: ...
by jade
Re: Old Norse Poetic Edda Set to Music?
... own from an Icelandic source and published in 1780. You can read more about these here: A classical composer, Kjell Habbestad, ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Rachmaninov PC No.2, Survey
Interesting article online, with a quite beautiful layout, at Inkpot. The writer of the survey is Jonathan Yungkans - Andrys
by BankirOwer
Re: New kovacevich beethoven cd
... ve been unable to find his Waldstein recording (when I looked a month ago I found no evidence of it online). If his latest sonata cd is one-tenth as good as his others, it is spectacular. I say snap ...
by Glutomoto
If I can't find a Laney Klipp cab, where can I make a replica?
... t to know if anyone's ever custom made a Klipp cab to spec? I've found an original Klipp promo ad online with a ...
by Supertzar
Adding Song Identification At End Of MP3 File
While preparing to post my music online, it occurred to me that alot of other sources may play the downloaded mp3 file. Bars, clubs, college stations, etc. What do you think about adding a song ...
by Elaine
Re: The Presidential Elections,NY Marathon,World Series,Olympics, Survivors
Posting the same **** thing day after day with different subject lines... typical A(xxxxxxxx)OnLine behavior.
by Squint
Chord progression analysis and theory -- sites?
Looking for sites that have detailed texts analyzing chord progressions of classical music, fairly advanced. Any sites online with texts like this? Email or respond, thanks
by Squint
Re: What type of music is generally used in film? And how can on...
I checked some online and it seems there is no free tip sheet to be found. It seems the rates I found for some of them are per year and not per song. Here's a useful review: ...
by jade
Re: I play violla pretty well, and will probably go to college f...
There's some sites online that offer Violin lessons. Hre is one:
by jade
Guitar lessons..
anybody know of any good online 'beginning guitar' software?? please reply direct thanks in advance
by Lilith
How to get BBC3 radio on satellite ?
Just tried both routes to the online audio. After a delay of a few seconds, both connected OK - no pop-ups either. Re the satellite receiver, you can still get a subsidised SKy digital system ...
by SWilhelm
Re: Darling Delirious Lyrics Explained!
Marcus James Christian wrote Well, I've made abot $500 so far this year from having my music online this year so you might say I'm a ways away from being able to support myself from my musical ...
by Elaine
My first fugue
Hi. I'm taking a fugue class and have put one of my compositions for the course online on the off chance someone would like to take a look and provide comments. ...
by swaqar
Country Writers: A Must Read!!!
Here is an online article that should provide some valuable insite to anyone pitching to publishers in Nashville. I met Tommy a few years back while I was still living in California. He seemed like a ...
by swaqar
Re: African-Americans and classical music?
A few months ago I went to a concert with the Klemperer Piano Trio. The cellist was an Afro-American, Ronald Crutcher. (The other two both teach at the Guildhall School in London.) You can read his ...
by ugordan
Classical Net has been Updated
The Classical Net site has been revised and updated. This time, we've added 107 new CD and DVD reviews. Note that Classical Net as back its URL. Older URLs (such as will ...
by Via Caltha
Re: A Shot in the Violin Con.
BBC playlists are online but no Violin Concerto at 11am (ish) for the last two Sundays. Havanaise though - but the violin & piano version. Saint-Saëns Havanasie, Op.83 ...
by trampamlm
The Willem Mengelberg Society
... der, Ronald Klett, with no one's permission. I just did it, and the revived Society exists entirely online as an e-mail list that I manage. There is ...
by dg8200
Shakespeare, a music composer?/Lane asserts affirmatively
Lifelong study of Shakespeare appears to indicate to me and perhaps to others who may have been aware of it but have not published their intuitions that Shakespeare possessed a seeming pedal point, ...
by Squint
Re: Classical Music Catalog Software
Visitrax for WIN9x links to the online CDDB (sometimes imperfectly)
by Angelus897
Re: Lou Harrison in RealAudio
Hi y'all, This week on Mappings , you'll hear music by Lou Harrison, including his work's Rhymes with Silver, Piano Concerto, Varied Trio, Gending Alexander, Concerto in slendro, 5th Simfony
by trampamlm
Making Water Into Wine
No, it isn't. At least not according to the laws applicable to the Postal Service. This is just an online version of a chain letter, which has been illegal in the mails for decades. Don't be fooled! ...
by Tijbuktur
Re: Classical internet radio station?
Hi there, Are you sure there isn't already a number of classical radio stations online? Have you checked out Please let me know if I'm wrong. Henry Weber ...
by bglose
Listen to Concerts Online
If you like piano concerts you'll enjoy this site of the pianist LURA JOHNSON as it offers links to piano concerts that you can listen to.
by Kimberly

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