National Symphony Orchestra
Now THIS outfit has has progressed considerably over the years. Did anyone else hear them regularly back in the Fifties and Sixties, when Howard Mitchell would do things like have the words to the ...
by waylaid
Hugh Wolff the U.S. conductor/orchestr a sweepstakes
... Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, it made me wonder about the ongoing search of several major American orchestras for new MDs. I haven't seen the name ...
by Alfred
Re: Best Mozart Jupiter Symphony
... he-fields) that sits across the street from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square in London. The orchestra started giving lunch-time concerts in the church under ...
by thunderchicken
WOV program #60 - 8 April 2001
Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Daylight Time , only on the internet, in streaming audio. Host and programmer: John Wiser Each program is rebroadcast on ...
by dongisselbeck
Two mid 1940 Columbia 'gems' carefully transferred to CD R and avialable on a private issue basis. Tchaikovsky Symphony NO. 6 'Pathétique' coupled with: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2, Gyorgy ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: Lost work by Handel could rival Messiah
... at this work may be 'as significant as Messiah'. This Gloria is a fairly short work for soprano and orchestra, and an early work at that. Yes, ...
by globular
Re: Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
... ny recordings, but there is at least one arrangement published: TITLE: Concerto in D for guitar and orchestra: op. 61 / L.V. Beethoven ; arranged for guitar by Kazuhito Yamashita PUBLISHER: Tokyo, ...
by Sky-Watcher
Re: Sir Granville Bantock?
Yes, I'm very familiar with Bantock. He's one of my familiar of the so-called 'minor' composers. Frankly, I think he's far, far from minor. As far as which recordings to buy, it runs the gamut. I've ...
by thunderchicken
Dear Users, I'm looking for some informations, pages etc. about the japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu! I heard his 'Memo Flora' for piano and Orchestra and was fascinated a lot! thanks, Martin
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: Mozart K.456
I don't know the film, but it must be Adagio and Fugue for string quartet or string orchestra in c-minor, K. 546.
by Mamtersasf
Re: Perlman playing Mozart
I also cannot stand how Perlman, and many other modern violinists, play Mozart. They either play it in a condescending manner ('gee, this isn't as hard as the Brahms, is it?') or sugar it up with too ...
by Ticketdealer
The Tsar Celebrates the 4th
Out of curiosity add to this thread the Event & Site & Orchestra celebrating the 4th of July by playing the 1812 Overture, starting with: 'A Capitol Fourth 2001 features the National Symphony ...
by SWilhelm
REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Playlists for Program #43 and rebroadcast of Program #41 Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Standard Time , only on the internet. Host and programmer: John ...
by paulsonjack
Johann Sebastian Strauss
I'm trying to locate a copy of the Blue Danube by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. The waltz and the choral voices make this the most beautiful music I have ever heard. If anyone knows how to ...
by swaqar
Philadelphia Inquirer article on Eschenbach
Apparently it wasn't love at first sight (or even second sight) for many of the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra when the Eschenbach appointment was announced. Full article at ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Taruskin: Orffs Musical and Moral Failings
NYT May 6, 2001 Orff's Musical and Moral Failings By RICHARD TARUSKIN DON'T look now, but Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra are teasing us again about music and politics. In recent ...
by Via Caltha
Re: Another opinion of Jarl Sigurds concerto
... software to translate it into a score. I think it would have to be quantized to be suitable for an orchestra. I edited it so that no ...
by cihotfxox
Do you have your favorite violist?
I never paid enough attention to this instrument as I understand now… And now I see that it was a mistake. Some time ago I have heard some of favorite compositions, Variations on Rococo Theme by ...
by MaryG
Re: Letter V
I strongly suspect that South Africans would file him under W rather than V, so you might want to bump him ahead to your 'Letter W' posting. Unless, of course, you put 'de Falla' in 'Letter D'. :-) ...
by Elaine
Kennicott in Washington Post
I'm informed that Kennicott was in St. Louis when Slatkin conducted its orchestra and had a reputation for bashing
by ipixer
Juzo Toyama ?
Hello group, Does anybody know anything about this Japanese composer? I hope I spelled his name 'correctly'. A couple of months ago, his Rhapsody for Orchestra was the encore of a concert by the ...
by Lilith
Re: Casting a Marx Brothers Opera?
... ulska Zeppo: Ken B Lane Margaret Dumont: jbayer34 Thelma Todd: Top Catt I'd be happy to conduct the orchestra in A Night At ...
by BankirOwer
John Alden Carpenter
... have just obtained the latest American Naxos release, John Alden Carpenter's two symphonies and the orchestral suite 'Adventures in a Perambulator.' I believe the 'Adventures in a Perambulator' has ...
by shay
Re: Name that tune
Make that Concerto in D for (one) Guitar and Orchestra, RV93. (There is also at least one arrangement for 4 guitars, no orchestra.) wrote:
by grumpy
Brahms-Schoenberg- Clavier Quartett
It happened to me quite recently to perform in our orchestra this rather interesting piece. It is Brahms' Clavier Quartet orchestrated by Schoenberg. As melodies , structure, and in fact all the ...
by Thyla
African-Americans and classical music?
Michael Morgan moved from Asst. Conductor of the Chicago Symphony (working mostly with the youth auxiliary, the Civic Orchestra, brilliantly) to Music Director of the Oakland Symphony (California); ...
by grumpy
Re: Anti-Romanian xenophobia (was anti-British...)
The circumstances under which Silvestri left are a little bit more complicated and very well described in Johh Gritten's biography. An important ( though not the only ) factor in his decision was the ...
by Lilith
Re: Contentious: Genn Gould couldnt make it today
... G at the piano. Also don't forget the Bach 'piano' concertos. What amazes me about them is that the orchestra now sounds very 'old fashioned' but the piano playing and piano ...
by LimShady
Re: West Side Story with Jose Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa
Agreed, the orchestra sounded very good. Too bad about the two main characters.....
by RichField
Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost
New York Times, 1.3.25 Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost By ANTHONY TOMMASINI BY this point it's terribly hard for Puccini's enduringly popular opera 'Tosca' to sound fresh. But a ...
by Elaine
Re: Identify this Haydn melody?
Norman Dello Joio used this melody in his 'Fantasy on a Theme of Haydn' for band (later rescored for orchestra and recorded on the Louisville label).
by cihotfxox
Re: Schubert, Hanover Band, Nimbus
In Holland the Schubert symphonies are available in the Philips Dutch masters series. They are performed by Frans Brüggen and his Orchestra of the 18th Century. Really a lot better than the Hanover ...
by Johnfunyguy
Re: Nutcracker rocks!
For the last 11 years I have conducted the Nutcracker Ballet here in central N.J. Each year I dread opening the score to once again prepare for the rehearsals. It is the kind of piece that becomes so ...
by Atomicat
Re: Attn DVORAK Experts -- Question on Op. 59 -- and Keys and Tempos
... f the Legends. They were originally composed for piano duet in 1881. Dvorak himself scored them for orchestra the following year. ...
by Glutomoto
Albéric Magnard
Friday on a visit to my alma mater, the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, I made my usual stop at Figaro's Classical Recordings. Among my catch was a CD of a composer new to me: Albéric ...
by Linda2
Re: Announcing the 1st New Cello Concerto of the 21st Century!!!
I think you should now compose the century's first Concerto for Heldentenor and Orchestra (perhaps containing wistfully permutated quotations of Reinhold Gliere's Concerto for Coloratura Soprano to ...
by Tijbuktur
Re: Mozart Song ID - help please
Funny it's not on the soundtrack, since it's the piece that sets Salieri on fire in the first place : Adagio (3rd movement) from the Serenade in B flat major K. 361 for winds. If I may also recommend ...
by paulstar
Carter Opera
: writes, so I'm taking his report with more than a few grains of salt : (about a shaker-full, actually). I'm guessing that you're referring to Elliott Carter's 'What Next?'. I saw it in Chicago in ...
by Lilith
Re: New to classical music, mozart suggestions please
That's volume 2 of the Phillips Duos with Brendel as soloist, an excellent choice, but the most popular Mozart piano concertos are on volume 1, so if you like that one you should get the other as ...
by AlexMoose

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