George Crumb: Performance of in New York City
Quattro Mani will perform George Crumb's 'Zeitgeist (Tableaux Vivants)' on Monday, January 8, 2001 at 8pm in Weill Hall, New York City.
by Linda2
Re: Best Mozart Jupiter Symphony
... you are referring to Szell's stereo remake of the 'Jupiter,' then I respectfully demur: I find the performance hard-boiled and unlistenable. But there was a splendid mono recording by Szell and the ...
by paulstar
Re: Van Cliburn Competition - Report #9
... the Takacs' almost orchestral tone at times, and this is perfectly understandable. However, Wang's performance, though capable technically, seemed underpowered, making ...
by javierruizleon
Re: Re-recording old songs. Your opinions, please
... cation and must be judged on that basis. It's well worth rewriting a good idea or creating a better performance so that it communicates more effectively. That said, I've watched people kill many ...
by pranab
Re: It is a hobby, profession, side job...?
Hi, Matt... I'm new here, so I hope it's okay that I jump in. At the moment, I'm not writing or singing professionally, although it's always been my dream. My profession is music promotions/PR, ...
by Heath Patrie
Re: Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
This is kind of a familiar thread. I agree with Peter, in that, while 'easiness' and 'difficulty' may well be difficult of definition, it makes sense to at least admit that the Prokoviev 2nd ...
by ugordan
Re: Medtners Piano concerti
... so fairly good. There is no doubt that the three sets of these works have all been lucky as to both performance and recording John Carter ...
by switchtech
Re: St Matthew Passion - please recommend recordings.
... ve never recovered from the older Archiv recording with Karl Richter, although even 25 year ago the performance was looked down on by anyone who claimed to know anything about Bach. ...
by Via Caltha
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
You know... When I play by ear, my mind is telling my fingers I - IV - V - ii and so on. and my ears have been trained to know what each sounds like. You can't make a direct comparison between ...
by johndoe
Eloquence series
Hi everybody, Recently, the universal music company released 'the Eloquence series', can anybody give comments on this series in the view of performance and recording. Thanks in advance!
by SWilhelm
Re: Best and Worst Intonation among 20th Century Violinists
... D minor Partita, the Chaconne's final octave D is, well, out of tune; and indeed, Heifetz's entire performance of that mighty ...
by heavyhauler
Re: Lost work by Handel could rival Messiah
The work in which 'Lift up your heads' is echoed is the Concerto a Due Cori No. 2 in F major. I'm not a genuine scholar, but if I can lean on Stanley Sadie's scholarship, according to him the ...
by dg8200
Re: Performances with low frequency content
I heard/watched a performance of 'The Bewitched' in '74 not long after Partch died
by Elaine
Re: BBC Music Magazine
I've been a subscriber for many years (and, as another post mentioned, the price comes down considerably.) It has beem well worth it and there have been many excellent cover CDs. Several that come to ...
by RichField
Re: Musical Geniuses and their Critics!
... e makes a musician 'sound all right', is this because of the composition or because of the polished performance? I bet the NY Philharmonic can make any poor composition 'sound all right', at least to ...
by bluelou
Re: Used to be: Mozart was not a great innovator!
Harold C. Schonberg, the NY Times head critic for decades. He came to the Jupiter Symphony's performance of I think it was the Tovey Cello Concerto a few weeks ago; he looks about 100 years old but ...
by Mespaloxxxx
Re: Waht do you think about Authur Grumiaux?
I confess I don't know his Mozart, which is not necessarily his cup of tea. I positively defy you, however, to listen unimpressed to his performance of the Chaconne on Phillips.
by sweth
Re: Ken Lanes observations on vocal technique
58 hits on a subject is something on a newsgroup. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY ORIGINAL description of vocal technique procedures? Posters are bringing in material that had no relation to what I posted. I ...
by 10stone5
Re: Brahms Piano Works
I think when that set came out, it was the first time I violated my rule that I wouldn't duplicate on CD any performance I already had on LP. (Except for Britten's, of course.)
by paulstar
Ken Lane teaching Vocal, Coaching, Acting techniques
I will teach a series of Master Classes on vocal technique, acting, and coaching styles. The best subject for an opera I have always thought was the original great Communicator, Shakespeare. 'Awed ...
by 10stone5
Gardiners Bach Cantata Pilgrimage ends in NY.
Hello All, Of the eighty or so concerts of J.E. Gardiner's Bach Cantata Pilgrimage my wife and I could attend nine; one more is coming Dec. 10 in L'uneburg, North Germany. We were owerwhelmed by ...
by Via Caltha
Re: Johann Sebastian Strauss
... s a wonderful recording of the Blue Danube with chorus on London with Boskovsky conducting. A great performance and very effective with chorus. I. ...
by misha23
Another opinion of Jarl Sigurds concerto
By request. * <email> * After absorbing all the comments, both positive (wait...yeah, that one was positive) and negative, thrown at Jarl's concerto, I decided to go back and listen again. This time I ...
by ekphron
Do you have your favorite violist?
I never paid enough attention to this instrument as I understand now… And now I see that it was a mistake. Some time ago I have heard some of favorite compositions, Variations on Rococo Theme by ...
by MaryG
Mozart Serenade K361
I'd very much like to put together an outdoor performance of Mozart's Serenade for 13, K361 for a summer party. However, the two basset-horn parts provide an obvious stumbling block. Is it possible ...
by pranab
Re: Kennicott in Washington Post
Most of what I've heard seems written to OFFEND (there being little other apparent reason for writing music that seems not to have any intention of communicating with an audience). Why would someone ...
by mostwanted
Re: Do musicians see music diffrently from Music Lovers?
Boulez/Sony (Columbia). The performance of the Opus 22 quartet is painfully draggy. It should DANCE!
by bluelou
Re: I play violla pretty well, and will probably go to college f...
... But if you’ve already decided, then maybe I think it would be good for you to listen more to the performances of some talented viola players. For ...
by MaryG
Re: Some years ago there was a "poll" about "what piece of music would you brin...
I think my choice will be something from the new disk of Beethoven compositions in the performance of Maxim Rysanov, Kristina Blaumane and Jacob Katsnelson, which I recently found at onyxclassics ...
by MaryG
Re: Call ll respond w my singing
singing. : : Hope to hear from you! : : Sunday March 4th at 2 PM I shall present for the NewLife EXPO my 'Composer as : Performer' presentation. : : I shall sing my aria 'Henry V exhorting the troops ...
by bglose
Re: Please Have A Listen and Comment/Critique
Hi Paul Nothing downloadable, sometimes it's more convenient to listen off line. Doesn't matter to me much I have a fast connection so I can get Hi FI without buffering problems. I listened to 9 ...
by Atomicat
Re: And weve thought 1812 was written by Copland ...
:> for a medieval autocratic political system. : That's a gross oversimplification. After almost two centuries, propaganda : still works. I think that the only person you are arguing with is ...
by Angelus897
Re: African-Americans and classical music?
James DePriest is the Music Director of the Oregon Symphony. I heard him conduct a suberb performance of Walton's 1st Symphony back in '85 at Aspen.
by bluelou
Re: Contentious: Genn Gould couldnt make it today
Glenn Gould is an exception to all the rules: admired as a well-kept secret treasure by a small group of 'serious' fans, but when the secret got out he became as hyped as late Horowitz. A wholly ...
by dongisselbeck
Musical Interpretation
I am not a musician myself but just a great lover of classical music. I do have a tendency to 'get hooked' on various pieces of music and find myself listening to certain pieces over and over to try ...
by paulstar
Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost
New York Times, 1.3.25 Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost By ANTHONY TOMMASINI BY this point it's terribly hard for Puccini's enduringly popular opera 'Tosca' to sound fresh. But a ...
by Elaine
Re: Gil Shaham
I attended his recital this past Sunday in which he played Copland's sonata, Faure's first sonata, Brahms Hungarian dances 2,13,14 and 18 and Sonata #3. Shaham is not a youngster in need of seasoning ...
by He'sDeadJim
Re: Bulgarian famous musicians
In another response I claimed not to know any Bulgarian aritsts. I stand corrected. Weissenberg is one of my favorite pianists. Unfortunately he has not come near my part of the U.S. A friend of mine ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Re: Beginner
... n I haven't much cared for a work from just listening to it, I've come around after learning it for performance (JSB is a lot better for singing than for ...
by Mespaloxxxx

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