Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
I'm curious. Of classical piano music from the 19th century, which pieces are generally regarded as the easiest? Which are regarded as the most difficult? Which do you personally find the easiest or ...
by LimShady
Best keyboard in lieu of a piano?
what keyboard would be best in lieu of a piano? something portable that would not be too horrendous. by best, i mean within the $300 or therabouts price range. i am thinking of taking up the piano ...
by dongisselbeck
Medtners Piano concerti
Just picked up Numbers 1 & 3 (on Naxos). Comments anyone?
by wordshop
The Romantic Piano Concerto
Jan Ladislav Dussek op. 50 in g minor, written after Goethe's 'The Sufferings of the Young Werther (1774)' and the first of all (1801). Dr. Heinz Anderle Publisher of music
by thunderchicken
Beethoven: complete piano sonatas
... ly a jazz listener; my knowledge of classical is pretty limited. i'm looking to explore beethoven's piano sonatas, and i was hoping someone here might have a suggestion. i'm trying to decide between ...
by Alfred
Complete Beethoven Piano Concerti
Jeffrey Kahane is going to play, and conduct from the keyboard, all five Beethoven piano concerti this week....he is the music director of the Santa Rosa (California) Symphony. He's doing #2,3,4 on ...
by VertinMon
Could anybody recommend any other slow paced Piano music similar to Mozart sonata for
Could anybody recommend any other slow paced Piano music similar to Mozart sonata for 2 pianos in d major. Thanks in advance.
by paulsonjack
MMO Piano: Brahms D minor
Maybe that's why it was so cheap. I hope they didn't hassle you when you returned it?
by Via Caltha
Help - Piano Music in Thomas Crown Affair ? (1999)
Does anyone know who wrote/composed the piano music used in this film, The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) - with Rene Rosso and Pierce Brosman
by Mespaloxxxx
Brahms Piano Works
My copy of the 6 cd boxed set with Julius Katchen playing the Brahms solo piano works including his 3 wonderful sonatas just arrived. Im only half way through cd number 2 but what an incredible ...
by wordshop
Help me identify - piano.mid (1/1)
... n thing, but I can't remember the name. There's a cheap (ca $15) four disc set of Joplin's complete piano works played by ...
by paulstar
Piano in orchestral works
The Bax 2nd Symphony is loaded with wonderful keyboard parts.
by bglose
Piano pieces in movie ?
... vy' a second time the other night and decided that I just have to know what was being played on the piano in each of several scenes that showed recitals or similar situations. In particular, in the ...
by Mespaloxxxx
Rubinstein´s 1971 recording of rach. 2nd piano conc
Has anyone seen a broken out Vol 60 (1971 Rachmaninoff with Ormandy, couple with the Grieg)? I'd be interested.
by swaqar
Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas - Program notes: Sonata No. 4?
I've been enjoying Robert Silverman's program notes and listening to various performances of the sonatas (mainly Claude Frank), but I can't for the life of me find notes to Sonata #4, not even in ...
by Lilith
Looking for Pennario recording of Khachaturian Piano Concerto
Hello, I have a CD recording of the Kh. piano-concerto, not with Pennario, but with Peter Katin. Interested? I could make a CD copy. Regards Joop Bluemink
by ekphron
Flight Of The Bumblebee - Piano
I have a problem with fingering for the flight of the bumblebee. I have the score, but it doesn't contain fingering. Is there anyone who have the score with fingering, or just the fingering for me to ...
by Elaine
Is anyone sellingb robert Silverman's set of complete Beethoven piano sonat...
Is anyone sellingb robert Silverman's set of complete Beethoven piano sonatas?
by Guest
Re: Song Plugger Chris Keaton is he legit? I notice that there were posts about...
... gance." I've know Chris for several years, and have been in his home numerous times to service his piano (I'm a technician). Let me say that "arrogant" is not remotely an ...
by Kent Burnside
Re: Zales commercial music
... tant ripoff (just enough to escpae copyright laws) of the DeBeers Diamond song. If you play it on a piano, in C, it will go something like, CBC G CDCD DCD A DEDE. This music is ...
by trampamlm
Re: The best written songs of all time?
Well the lyrics are great, it's got all the basic rock aspects including a piano, and I think I heard a choir. It uses different combinations of the same verses. A soft rock song with a nice group of ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Van Cliburn Competition - Report #9
Following is a continuation of daily comments/reviews about the Eleventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Ft. Worth, TX. Thu., 31 May 2001, 7:30 PM - Xiaohan Wang - Age 20 - China ...
by He'sDeadJim
Re: Angry music
Short: 'Anger Dance' for piano, by Henry Cowell T.C.
by AlexMoose
WOV program #60 - 8 April 2001
Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Daylight Time , only on the internet, in streaming audio. Host and programmer: John Wiser Each program is rebroadcast on ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: WW2 music?
Martinu- D'Conc. for 2 Orch, Piano, Timpani
by bluelou
Two mid 1940 Columbia 'gems' carefully transferred to CD R and avialable on a private issue basis. Tchaikovsky Symphony NO. 6 'Pathétique' coupled with: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2, Gyorgy ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: , internet radio in MP3, #28
... engler-Days 8-11th November 2001 will be: -Daniel Barenboim plays Furtw. sonata in d for violin and piano(w. G. Suessmuth) -Andras Schiff plays Furtw. piano concerto (with Staatskapelle Weimar) ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: What IS That Piece
... n my mind, too. However, I know the reason: a lad at my old school used to play both of them on the piano (not at the same time, you ...
by BarbiePussy
Re: Online classical music encyclopedia
The same number of movements all his piano concertos have.
by heavyhauler
Re: Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
The original version is heavenly; the piano version is mildly enjoyable; and now somebody has got a version of it on *clarinet*. It actually came out last year, but Universal in their infinite wisdom ...
by RichField
Re: BBC Music Magazine
I've been a subscriber for many years (and, as another post mentioned, the price comes down considerably.) It has beem well worth it and there have been many excellent cover CDs. Several that come to ...
by RichField
Re: Mozart vs Schubert?
... rt for me. Without question this is the music that moves me the most. Mitsuko Uchida plays his solo piano music with beauty and grace. I saw her perform the cycle of piano <email> and it was ...
by BarbiePussy
What Is This Piece? Mozart?
I attach a very small MIDI file (785 bytes) containing some fragments of a piece for piano duet which has been annoying me for days. I think it is by Mozart and I should be most grateful if some kind ...
by cihotfxox
Re: Musical Geniuses and their Critics!
Somehow I'm inclined to doubt that you did actually listen to it. It's very easy for a critic to write a commentary on someone else work without having bothered to listen to it, if he has heard ...
by paulstar
Re: Website opening !
Hi ! I am glad to announce the website opening of the pianist Mathieu Papadiamandis. This site presents his CD 'Liszt Piano Works' released this month by EMI Classics. It includes many audio clips ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Writing songs and/or arrangements?
Hi, I've been checking out this site for a while now,some really great discussions. Regarding some of the posts on chord structure, arranging etc, I started writing songs after listening to Dylan, ...
by trampamlm
Re: News from the Jupiter Symphonys season finale
Other fine Arensky works include- my honest opinion only- the piano trios (especially the first; I like the second as well, but the first is really something special in the repertoire and shows the ...
by Heath Patrie
Re: Rachmaninov PC No.2, Survey
I'm not denying PC #2 is a wonderfully lush and romantic score (although not everyone likes Rachmaninov), but I got overexposed to it as a kid. I got overexposed to the 2nd symphony also, but somehow ...
by Lilith
The composer in question is Edward (Eduard) D. Stein, composer of the Conce...
... ion is Edward (Eduard) D. Stein, composer of the Concert Piece in A-major op. 9 for double bass and piano. Can anyone find dates of his life (is it from te 18th or 19th century?) and ...
by Guest
Dear Users, I'm looking for some informations, pages etc. about the japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu! I heard his 'Memo Flora' for piano and Orchestra and was fascinated a lot! thanks, Martin
by Luis A. Manzano

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