Classical music radio via internet
Hello, I am trying to find some classical music radio stations broadcasting via internet. Can anyone help me? Thanks
by pranab
How to get BBC3 radio on satellite ?
Just tried both routes to the online audio. After a delay of a few seconds, both connected OK - no pop-ups either. Re the satellite receiver, you can still get a subsidised SKy digital system ...
by SWilhelm
Classical internet radio station?
greetings, would anyone here be interested in creating a classical internet radio station? here's the situation: a company called IM Networks is working with a major stereo manufacturer to deliver ...
by trampamlm
, internet radio in MP3, #28
A short program of interesting music , in both Hi- and Lo-fi MP3 streams (or you may download most of the pieces to keep). The latest installment is mostly North American, with a few 'dips' south: ...
by paulsonjack
Online Lebanese Cultural radio
Hey Broadband Users... Check out a new online radio station called 'Lebanese Cultural Radio'. The only station online dedicated to fine arabic music. Classical Compositions, Jazz, Poetry, Folklore... ...
by Mamtersasf
Re: How to convert a headphone out 1/4" jack to line out quality
If you are careful about this, all you need is an adapter the has a stereo 1/4" male TRS plug on one end and separate Left/Right RCA jacks on the other end. (Assuming you have RCA inputs on the ...
by Zippybackflash
Re: Headphones mixup with randall amp
I think you might have a problem with one of the output transistors - I believe you can have them checked at Radio Shack in order to find out :)
by copper
Re: Classical Net Update
Fight the good fight. In the meantime, to avoid confusion, it should be noted that is the website for KBPS-FM, right here in Portland, Oregon, and one of the few remaining ...
by Met
Re: Phillip Glass s CANDYMAN score
Phillip Glass probably didn't know Einstein either...but he wrote an opera about him!! (s) Judy Gillen Inspirational Classics HCJB World Radio
by bluelou
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
Well, I don't like to rule out intuition and instinct. Music Notation was developed in order to be able to 'Record' the music so others could play it and thus entertain. I guess we children of the ...
by RichField
Re: What Music Would De Sade Have Listened To?
(Why do I keep thinking of Lee van Cleef flogging to fiddle music in *The good, the bad & the ugly* here?) Seriously, though, there _is_ a certain very charming irony in the notion of historically ...
by Via Caltha
Re: BBC Music Magazine
I've been a subscriber for many years (and, as another post mentioned, the price comes down considerably.) It has beem well worth it and there have been many excellent cover CDs. Several that come to ...
by RichField
Re: Rachmaninov PC No.2, Survey
I love Rachmaninoff. I had to laugh at myself on Monday. As I drove to work I changed radio stations to hear the last 3 minutes or so of someone's symphony. I remember thinking, 'this is pretty well ...
by paulstar
Re: Lane abandoning his
... like maniacs and released six albums, and from time to time we had some of our songs played on the radio. We never fit in too well in the rock world, but many people were kind enough or not ...
by Atomicat
REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Playlists for Program #43 and rebroadcast of Program #41 Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Standard Time , only on the internet. Host and programmer: John ...
by paulsonjack
Re: WNIB sold (sob!)
As long as we've got coke-snorting, mouse-haired corporate imbeciles buying up classical stations and turning them into much-needed 'easy listening from the 70s and 80s' stations, the 'net is going ...
by Squint
Re: Adding Song Identification At End Of MP3 File
... t. If it was kept short, and done well enough, I see little difference between that and a DJ on the radio. Also, think of various ways to say the same thing, so if they stream several of your songs, ...
by Via Caltha
Re: National Symphony Orchestra
My memories of Mitchell (as he was then referred to in the Washington papers) includes a concert with Rudolf Serkin and the Schumann Piano Concerto... this must have been in 1970. Serkin hugged ...
by VertinMon
Re: Three Newby Questions
Classical music is a popular, i.e. non-technical term. Whe worked in European broadcasting, we used the term 'serious music', but this was a wide concept: the EBU working party on serious music ...
by Sky-Watcher
Juzo Toyama ?
Hello group, Does anybody know anything about this Japanese composer? I hope I spelled his name 'correctly'. A couple of months ago, his Rhapsody for Orchestra was the encore of a concert by the ...
by Lilith
Re: Christopher Robin and blind man Templeton??
pianist called Alec Templeton - I pieces in the 1930s. He is best sort of prelude and fugue (more piece was played and recorded in Alec Templeton also committed a 'Pocket Sonata' for clarinet and ...
by mostwanted
Re: Question on soundclick votings
Hmm... Yesterday I gave it a try and streamed my band radio twice (standard mp3 player, not the Soundclick Player) to see whether it will count as two plays each. The following day I'd check if each ...
by sweth
Re: In a Monastery Garden - Composer?
Hi Wen, English composer Albert Ketelbey 1875-1959 wrote In a Monastery Garden. Judy Gillen Inspirational Classics HCJB World Radio
by Elaine
Re: New Years Resolutions?
Same back at ya, Irene :-) I'm putting my money where my mouth is, got a pitcher in Nash, had some good feedback and several demos kept 'for further listening ;-) Going to get ten state of the art ...
by 10stone5
Re: A Review of Jarl Sigurds new Ampcast clips
Still, the idea makes a lot of sense. Thirty years ago people listened to Radio Waves From Outer Space. Let's be with our generation and listen to the Cacaphony of Capitalism!
by 10stone5
Re: Halfway to heaven (mp3)
It is my best, but my best is not much compared to most of you guys. . For example you. 'Humanity' - is mindblowing. Nice fusion of early seventies sound (genesis with gabriel) and modern rock (what ...
by wordshop
Re: Nutcracker rocks!
Yup... it's overplayed, it's abused, it doesn't have alot of involved development.... and it still kicks ****. It's just one of those irreplacable, one-of-a-kind things that can't be explained, even ...
by Atomicat
Re: Where to download classical music??
... like maniacs and released six albums, and from time to time we had some of our songs played on the radio. We never fit in too well ...
by ipixer
A Shot in the Violin Con.
... ore. It was by a Composer that sounded like 'sen..... .....' something due to poor reception on car radio. THe piece was SUPERB ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Need help identifying piece
Hi - I heard a piece yesterday morning on public radio that I liked quite a bit. Mind you, I was half asleep because the radio went on at 6:15 AM (and 6:25 and 6:35) telling me to get up. I went to ...
by pranab
Angels and Trumpets
Had the radio on a classical radio station as I fell asleep. I dreamt of walking amongst dirty brown skyscrapers the city on a sunny day. All of a sudden the sky clouded over, I heard trumpets ...
by thunderchicken
Re: Best Conductor Youve Worked With?
The best conductors I have been working with are: Gianluigi Gelmetti- on conductors' courses in Siena,Italy; He was in Stuttgart Radio orchestra, now is chief conductor of Rome Opera Theatre. Vernon ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Re: Composer of the Week - BBC R3 - E J Moeran
Once I brought up with Schenectady's WMHT-FM the idea of duplicating Radio 3's 'Composer of the Week' series. They could have cared less. God Bless Radio 3!!!!!! At least we can hear it via the ...
by Atomicat
Re: Hugh Wolff the U.S. conductor/orchestr a sweepstakes
Wolff is principal conductor of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Germany.
by ugordan
Georgian composer
I recently heard on the radio a beautiful work by a Georgian composer whose name sounded 'Katchelli' or something of the sort. Does anybody know the correct name? Thanks in advance.
by Linda2
Re: La Scena Musicale Contest - Win Movie Passes to Bride of the Wind
In a radio interview this morning, they talked about (a) how the instruments in the orchestral performances shown were period (turn of the 20th century) and (b) Jonathan Pryce learned to look like a ...
by Met
Elliott Carter
I was listening to a radio program today and i got wondering, aside from metric modulation and character patterns, did Carter 'invent' any other techniques? I am sure he did but can't think what.
by shay
The Performance Rights Tax - Part 2
The RIAA made a huge mistake when Napster became a major distribution channel: instead of embracing the technology and working with Shawn Fanning to create the world's first major digital sales and ...
by Zippybackflash
Klaus Huber to Receive the 2009 Salzburg International Composition Award
Klaus Huber was announced yesterday as the recipient of the 2009 Salzburg Music Prize/International Composition Award.It is one of the Largest prizes in the music world and is worth about 80,000 Euro ...
by Kimberly

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