Roland GK2a-GR30 problem

I recently reinstalled the Roland Gk2a on my guitar, combining it with my Gr30. I don't think I did anything wrong but when I switch the Gk2 to synth I hear no sound. The Gr30 acts normal though. The only sound I'm getting is the guitarsound through my pickups when I switch to guitar. I also can change the sensivity and the Gr30 recognizes the string I'm playing. All of it on the Gr30 seems to work well but I simply get no sound.Can someone help me please ? All the cables are properly connected...

2 years ago #2
Johnny H

Don't know if you've sorted your problem by now, but anyway.
It's dead easy to connect up wrong. The guitar out jack on the GR30 is for guitar only. It goes to a guitar amp for dedicated guitar sounds, no synth. The mix out jack is the one with the synth sounds. You can connect the mix out jack to a guitar amp and have both synth and guitar out through that cable, good for practice. The best way is to connect guitar out to a guitar amp and mix out to a PA if you are gigging or rehearsing. A keyboard amp is just a good as a PA.
Also, simple but check the volume knobs on the GR30 and the syth output on the guitar, which is a seperate volume to the guitar out volume.
After that it's cables, connections, etc.
Good luck, John

2 weeks ago #3

Hi can u help. iv got roland gr33 with gk2a pick up.
Whin its switch to just guitar it not working

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