Hi kimberly im mjust a songwriter&i did sing my songs i call REAL COUNTRY a...
hi kimberly im mjust a songwriter&i did sing my songs i call REAL COUNTRY about me&my life befoe 91 accident that ended my singing but not my writeing its not as good as it was but it works but maybe ...
Do you sing well? We're looking for good sopranos and altos to join us.
by wordshop
Sing plugger
what is a non example of a song pluggerB)
by wofjngoj
Re: Who is this Ken B Lane person?
Did anybody ring Ken on his birthday and sing happy birthday to him?? I *really* wanted to do that, but I just forgot. Just shows how advertising works
by Bhaumik Shukla
Re: Daddy Didnt Come Home Today ( Lyrics )
Here is the revised version of 'Daddy Didn't Come Home Today'. I DO have a tune, it is a simple sing-song that is very melancholy and haunting. Very much AAA except for the 2 Mockingbird lines. The ...
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Writing music on paper
I'm just fishing for other's experiences here - to share the load etc. :-) I've recently started writing music on the stave (over 20 years after I first took up an instrument and over 30 years since ...
by LimShady
Blow your horn
... the blues CD (7 tunes more or less finished, about 7 more to go), but I got another cold and can't sing ...
by johndoe
Re: Example of a Hocket
Elaborate? Sure! Here's a musical example. (blows pitch pipe) Alto: Now sing we hockets merrily! Tenor: Merry hockets, sing will we! Alto: Hocket Tenor: Hocket Alto: Hocket Tenor: Hocket Alto: Hock ...
by Linda2
Ken Lanes observations on vocal technique
58 hits on a subject is something on a newsgroup. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY ORIGINAL description of vocal technique procedures? Posters are bringing in material that had no relation to what I posted. I ...
by misha23
Massive -size singing voice possible if started early
... assive 'phenome'-size voices can be developed if one starts at an early enough age, middle teens. I sing all the fach voice categories, adapting my control of pharyngeal and breathing and ...
by SWilhelm
Lane abandoning his
... 'Shakespeare Ring of Words' Titanic Wagner lacks the universality of Shakespeare whose texts almost ...
by dfghdfbffd
Red City...
Ah Andy, I like your songs. :) I have a song called 'Red Town' that I haven't posted here before. I wrote it a few years ago. Here it is: Red Town ©1997 Cynthia Helen Summers # CHORUS The red town ...
by Tijbuktur
Wagners Art is with us forever/His probable Renunciation w Enlightenment
... rmless. He has actually published his phone number and invited the entire UseNet to call him up and sing over the ...
by swaqar
Re: New MP3
Hi Laura Lyrically I like the idea and I think they are fine. Melodically I think it's too generic country I would like you to make it a little less predicable not a lot just a bit. The harmony ...
by sweth
Re: Adding Song Identification At End Of MP3 File
dmunsie, Hmm. Not a bad idea, but I'm better as a singer than as a DJ, it could get really embarra-sing ;-) Cheers,
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Re: National Symphony Orchestra
Nothing wrong with that! Remember that, before the orchestra was founded (1934, I think), DC's musical life revolved around the theatre and the military bands. Not exactly a hotbed of European ...
by paulstar
I'm doing Solo/Ensemble Contest in 2 months, and I'm looking for a suitable solo piece. I sing Alto 1/Alto 2, and I'm looking for some suggestions. Any ideas? jenni 'All's fair in Love and War, but ...
by Lilith
Re: Call ll respond w my singing
singing. : : Hope to hear from you! : : Sunday March 4th at 2 PM I shall present for the NewLife EXPO my 'Composer as : Performer' presentation. : : I shall sing my aria 'Henry V exhorting the troops ...
by bglose
Looking for Duet Titles
Gentles, I would like to solicit your help in finding some great music. I am a converted violinist and so my familiarity with the vocal repitoire is limited. I am a couner-tenor and my friend is a ...
by Squint
Re: Speed Singing?
Nothing more than rap with melody.....learn to rap and talk fast, and there's no reason why you can't learn to sing fast too. After all, everyone spoken word is a note.
by bglose
Generating melodies by theory?
The song that first brought me to this forum was 'Strangers on a train'. I was worried about me breaching copyright. The first two verses came easily, but each time I set out to generate a chorus it ...
by waylaid
by ipixer
Happy Easter! if hearing an echt Wagnerian is your Grail, <phone>
Hear what the critics have raved their hosannas about. 'Trust, but verify,' PRESIDENT REAGAN wisely admonished. <phone> or <phone> and let us talk and hear ME <email> ! You ...
by Squint
Re: Bus stop blues: comments please!
the irony vacuum claims another victim i wrote this song in two seconds after thinking up the lamest thing to possibly sing about. bus stop blues?? come on....
by Atomicat
Re: Casting a Marx Brothers Opera?
Sadly reading the answers that were submitted to your post, nobody took your original seriously. So, I'm going to take a stab. My guess is that you'd have to cast unknowns from across the' country to ...
by johnfoo
Re: New Years Resolutions?
Next year I've decided to get involved in more threads about music theory. Write even more songs than last year. State my case a bit more assertively and embellish my posts with more swearing. Be ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Hi guys..Just finishing up a song.Would like some feed back.Thanks!!!
This is a Duet.... Diamonds are forever Girl sings I dont need a pearl necklace, dont need To hear you sing the blues I dont need to hear poems, or promises That just wont come true I dont need ...
by Elaine
Looking for lyrics
... g about adding some songs with vocals , but unfortunately I can't write lyrics that I would want to sing. So I ...
by ipixer
Re: Backing tracks
... ls are still there, just real faint but what it does do is distort the music. So bad you can't even sing along to ...
by Alfred
New Republican copyright restrictions?
Found this last night. Wasn't Sen. Hatch the 'silent Senator' who tried to block a bill that would have let a popular drug go to generic status, saving the public billions but costing the ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: RE comments by
I dunno ... booking Carnegie Hall is a fairly expensive enterprise, so there must be *something* there; though at the event I went to in October, he did say he would sing, and he didn't.
by Met
Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost
New York Times, 1.3.25 Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost By ANTHONY TOMMASINI BY this point it's terribly hard for Puccini's enduringly popular opera 'Tosca' to sound fresh. But a ...
by Elaine
Bulgarian famous musicians
I would like to make just very brief and no way complete picture of Bilgarian famous names. As for singers,we indeed have a lot of them all over the world. I shall only mention Rayna Kabaivanska, ...
by BarbiePussy
Re: Wagners penchant for heroics/Ken Lane
... ter all a Bass She might though in an opera about Shakespear make a perfect Francis Bacon and might sing the entire 'De Augmentis' in Latin John Carter ...
by cihotfxox
Shakespeare, a music composer?/Lane asserts affirmatively
Lifelong study of Shakespeare appears to indicate to me and perhaps to others who may have been aware of it but have not published their intuitions that Shakespeare possessed a seeming pedal point, ...
by Squint
Re: Perfect pitch
I do, and so I'm sure do many others here. It's not all that uncommon, nor is it all that helpful, except to notice when my piano is getting out of tune. What proves it is the ability to name pitches ...
by pranab
The Deep Connection Between Art And Money
poto credit bourgeoisbee The notion of making art not influenced by money is unfortunately a romantic and misguided notion.A lot of the decisions as to what and Orchestra or choir perform are ...
by Kimberly

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