Music or Sound: Which one is the goal?
... rums, I am curious: how many contributors out there are pursuing the high-end Holy Grail of perfect sound as often described in high-end journals, and how many are seeking the most musically ...
by ekphron
Listen Loud and Sound Illusions - any info?
Hi all, A songwriting friend has just just received a contract for a bunch of her songs from these folks. She is looking for any solid information about them. They are out of Cleburn, TX. Any ...
by Via Caltha
No sound out of gr30 1st and 2nd string
When I'm playing through the Gr30 I get no sound out of the 1st and 2nd string. I just replaced the pick-up. Same problem.
by Boz
Re: Yamaha FG411S - Second Hand Value??
I have had a yamaha fg411s for years, it was for 10 years the only guitar I had; good action, good sound and no problems. I would not sell my guitar if offered 500.00, I could not find it's equal for ...
by Dave H
Re: What Is The Song Plugger Situation?
And it's the last sentence above that gives some songpluggers a bad rap;-) Takes more than 'thinking' about being one. It takes knowledge of the industry, building up a list of top drawer contacts ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
FA 70s Laney Klipp Valve.Tube 100 guitar amp - very rare
This rare guitar amp is in excellent condition, almost unmarked, complete with its original cover. This was an amp used by Black Sabbath (I know because I saw it at a gig in Leicester UK at the time) ...
by misha23
Re: Any thoughts on the Takamine EGS430SC?
... one and thought it was a dog. Shoddy, poorly made, clunky...eugh! However, Takamine EQ system so it sounds good through a PA. I do think they are trading on their name a bit though ...
by Tijbuktur
How to convert a headphone out 1/4" jack to line out quality
I have a headphones out 1/4" jack on my CRATE GLX15 Guiter Amp. I like the sound and DSP in the amp and would like to use it as a monitor while patching into a board. How do I convert this to safely ...
by RayS
Re: Van Cliburn Competition - Report #9
Given the strings play such an important role in this work, and the Takacs' almost orchestral tone at times, and this is perfectly understandable. However, Wang's performance, though capable ...
by javierruizleon
Re: Looking for: Guiness advert music
*Everyone* can help you. 'O Fortuna' from *Carmina Burana* by Carl Orff. Warning: the other 40 minutes of the piece don't sound like that part.
by Vgtrzubx
Re: Re-recording old songs. Your opinions, please
Hi Tony; I recently re-recorded the first piece I wrote (about 4 years ago), and I did it for a variety of reasons: - I know more about writing than I did then (some say, I still don't know much :-) ...
by AlexMoose
Re: Headphones mixup with randall amp
If I place my headphones into the "PHONES" jack it will eliminate the sound from coming out the amp. Unless you are talking about using the adapter, you recommended, some other way on how you had ...
by David
Re: Easiest and Most Difficult Piano Pieces to Perform?
... g like that. All music is difficult. Easiness is a non-existent concept. Rubinstein can make Chopin sound easy. Brendel ...
by thunderchicken
Re: Summertime (midi)
Sure, though I can't guarantee that it was sincere. :) But FWIW, I never considered you my enemy or anything. It just rubbed me the wrong way when you started talking about your own musical ...
by He'sDeadJim
Re: Best keyboard in lieu of a piano?
Adam, I don't think you will get 88 full-size touch-sensitive keys with any sound at all for that price in a new instrument. Your best bet is to go to an auction like eBay and seach for 'electric ...
by johndoe
Re: Medtners Piano concerti
Well, that's right on the money! Exactly what occurred to me: echoes of Rach without his distinctive personality or melodic genius. Orchestrations remind me of Rach too; and sometimes the melodic ...
by Sky-Watcher
Headphone out to Guitar Line input
... 320 watts guitar amplifier with headphone out having its own volume control. I concerned about the sound signal coming out from this headphone out IF can be use and connected directly to another ...
by Benjie
Re: St Matthew Passion - please recommend recordings.
It's quite true that the SMP is a matter of taste. I have never recovered from the older Archiv recording with Karl Richter, although even 25 year ago the performance was looked down on by anyone who ...
by Via Caltha
Re: Roland VS880EX
Thanks Roger. Actually I'm kind of mad at the VSplanet sight. I ws all over it before I bought.... seemed like a good idea at the time. I guess in a nutshell, the learning curve is steep and I am ...
by Angelus897
Re: Tremolo system on fender stratocaster
Im not a purist I put a seymour duncan little '59 in the bridge position used the middle pot to short out on of the coils so I could still use the "phase" position between middle and bridge for ...
by guitarterry
Roland GK2a-GR30 problem
... ng it with my Gr30. I don't think I did anything wrong but when I switch the Gk2 to synth I hear no sound. The Gr30 acts normal though. The only sound I'm getting is the ...
by Peter
Re: Who is this Ken B Lane person?
... a colorful character, too. But does he take himself seriously, or is it all a joke? Boonton doesn't sound like a cultural center to me. -Mike Totally off topic, I'm ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Ska guitar: amp settings
Don't know if this helps, but the guitarist in my band uses a Marshall head and 4x10 cab, and a strat. Just plays using either the clean or dirty channel. The sound is perfect.
by Lilith
Re: Shostakovichs 8th quartet favorites
The Yggdrasil Quartet gives a good account of the Eighth; they don't have the most refined sound (a sort of 'grainy' tone), but they really get into the raw emotionalism of it.
by ipixer
Re: , internet radio in MP3, #28
The Highlights of the fourth Furtwaengler-Days 8-11th November 2001 will be: -Daniel Barenboim plays Furtw. sonata in d for violin and piano(w. G. Suessmuth) -Andras Schiff plays Furtw. piano ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
I finally figured I'd read part of this thread and these lines really made me think. A few years ago I took my old car to a repair shop. It wasn't a franchise or a part of a big company, just locally ...
by BarbiePussy
What IS That Piece
I suppose I have the nerve to bring this up because you are all strangers and are not in position to ridicule me forever and ever. In lo, these many years, I still have trouble distinguishing and ...
by RichField
Hi Cris It has a nice lay back sort of sound but nothing develops, I guess that's the genre. Cheers
by WayneM
Re: Daddy Didnt Come Home Today ( Lyrics )
Its a good effort at making a song written from a childs perspective not sound corny and cheezy. Its ok... i dont like the chorus personall...its a little to obvious and direct compared to the rest ...
by Tijbuktur
Performances with low frequency content
With appologies to those who may have read my similar post in .recordings... a number of years ago there was a list, posted in, of CD recordings containing good low frequency ...
by RichField
Re: New instrumental: Memento
Well it's that fabolous 'Carpenters with a hint of doom metal' sound again. Hey, I love it. Nice one
by wordshop
Suggestions for small amp sounds good when played low
... ar, doesn't need to be at all powerful, just for use at home without disturbing others but needs to sound good even when played _very_ low, have ...
by thunderchicken
Re: Cadenza score
Ha! Henri wrote the whole shootin' match. I doubt if there is even a motive in any of the 3 concertos by the alleged composer. If you have respect for JC Bach after hearing the Casadesus, try hearing ...
by heavyhauler
Re: What else is similar to Mozarts Requiem?
In what way, may I ask? Sad music in general? Just choral or also instrumental? Big sound or a small ensemble?
by Vgtrzubx
Re: Are edlee music and magic key productions legitimate product...
They're not legitimate as they've never really done anything for me except record crappy DEMOS...David Fox recorded some of my songs and when I told him to record a 5 piece demo he sent me the new ...
by Maverick Ashley Lenartson
Re: Old Norse Poetic Edda Set to Music?
I was curious, so I bought the CD. Let me at once say that Sequentia is a professional group and they are good - but their invention of melodies to the Edda texts do not at all convince me. I see no ...
by heavyhauler
Re: Musical Geniuses and their Critics!
If an ensemble makes a musician 'sound all right', is this because of the composition or because of the polished performance? I bet the NY Philharmonic can make any poor composition 'sound all ...
by bluelou
Re: Writing songs and/or arrangements?
... heets to the guys I play with regularly, and we play the tune for awhile (say, a week or two, if it sounds like 'something's real' about it). As elements for ...
by 10stone5
News from the Jupiter Symphonys season finale
Before the concert, Jens Nygaard listed (for half an hour!!) some of next season's programs (not everything is finalized; I suppose it'll be a few weeks before it's at the website). Highlights ...
by cihotfxox
Misty Shadows of Dawn
Here is something completely different for me. It is far from finished and is just me and my guitar. Please excuse the guitar playing. I haven't played for so long my fingers were killing me. ...
by VertinMon

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