Unique Or Pedestrian

Speaking of Lakatos and his wonderful abilities, and how is is so perfect technically, its like the music just happens, flows out of him... and it is pretty much like that with all great musicians.... the technicalities of playing are so intertwined with there being that there is no need to even think about it anymore, just the music.

How much did you have to practice to reach that point, though?

Have you reached it?

Did it suddenly dawn on you?

Guanaco from Cellomania wrote an interesting post about forgeting the music on the way.

I don’t think that he is alone in this - I think it happens to many in all of the arts - the technicalities can take over on creativity, flair, interpretation and emotion,and the race to perfect technique can often become the main point.

In many disciplines - this might become a career path - You could become a model maker in stead of the designer, which is no less respectable, for example, but I don’t think there is any parallel to that in the music world. Either you become a musician or you become irrelevant
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