D Major and violin concerti
Kevin wrote Beethoven, Brahms and Sibelius all wrote their violin concerti in D minor and these, arguably are the 3 best violin concerti of the 19th Century. Perhaps there is something kingly about ...
by BankirOwer
A Shot in the Violin Con.
Not being a Expert in such matters, I heard a Violin Con. about 11am last Sunday or even the Sunday before. It was by a Composer that sounded like 'sen..... .....' something due to poor reception on ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Brahms Violin Sonata #3 recordings
Hello, I'm currently learning the piano part of the Brahms Violin Sonata #3 in D-, op.108. Anyone know of other great renditions of this masterpiece out there? I have the following (in no particular ...
by SWilhelm
Triple stops for violin - how written?
Given a regular bridge, triple stops (triad chords, say) on a violin have to be played as quick arpeggios, or so it seems. My question is, are they written that way in violin scores, or are they ...
by He'sDeadJim
Why did the people back in the 18th and 19th centuries believe that the violin was the devil's instrument?
by VertinMon
Electric violin vs. regular violin
Do you think electric violins are going to take over regular violin as the violin of the future? I love violin sound, and electric violin is slowly getting better in it's sound quality.... Are ...
by Linda2
Kurt Weills Violin Concerto question
I would have to change my plans for the evening to listen to Kurt Weill's Violin Concerto. Is it worth it? (I like Mahler and R. Strauss a lot).
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
I think i want to play violin.. should i start to play regul...
i think i want to play violin.. should i start to play regular violin 1st? or i can play electric violin from beginning?
by Guest
The Truth of Casadesus?
... desus? Did he _really_ write the JC Bach and Handel viola concertos, as well as the Mozart Adelaide violin concerto? Is it veritably known, believed, or suspected? And what else did he write and ...
by dfghdfbffd
WOV program #60 - 8 April 2001
Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Daylight Time , only on the internet, in streaming audio. Host and programmer: John Wiser Each program is rebroadcast on ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: , internet radio in MP3, #28
... urth Furtwaengler-Days 8-11th November 2001 will be: -Daniel Barenboim plays Furtw. sonata in d for violin and piano(w. G. Suessmuth) -Andras Schiff plays Furtw. piano concerto (with Staatskapelle ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know if these statements are true Danny. If you can play what I've written, does that mean you're a competent player? If you can't, could it be that I am a competent writer but ...
by Tijbuktur
Re: Best and Worst Intonation among 20th Century Violinists
I always thought that Heifetz had the best intonation. But it is very odd: In his recording of Bach's D minor Partita, the Chaconne's final octave D is, well, out of tune; and indeed, Heifetz's ...
by heavyhauler
Cadenza score
Can anybody tell me where to find Cadenza score for Mozart's Adelaide Violin Concert ?
by wordshop
Beethovens Opus 61 on Guitar?
Just curious. Has any classical guitarist ever tried performing or recording Beethoven's Violin Concerto on guitar? If so, how did it come across? Jarl Sigurd to listen to a classical guitar concerto ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: BBC Music Magazine
I've been a subscriber for many years (and, as another post mentioned, the price comes down considerably.) It has beem well worth it and there have been many excellent cover CDs. Several that come to ...
by RichField
Re: Sir Granville Bantock?
Certainly - one of the Celtic-fringe composers in the early 20th-C British pastoral group (although pastoral is really not the right word for rugged cliffside scenery, with wind-blown, flying sheep). ...
by VertinMon
News from the Jupiter Symphonys season finale
Before the concert, Jens Nygaard listed (for half an hour!!) some of next season's programs (not everything is finalized; I suppose it'll be a few weeks before it's at the website). Highlights ...
by cihotfxox
Re: Rachmaninov PC No.2, Survey
Will read it later, (thanks Andrys), but I know Glazunov completely ruined the premiere of Rach's 1st symphony. Didn't have a clue apparently, but many say it was because he was drunk. Rach was ...
by WayneM
Re: Perlman playing Mozart
I also cannot stand how Perlman, and many other modern violinists, play Mozart. They either play it in a condescending manner ('gee, this isn't as hard as the Brahms, is it?') or sugar it up with too ...
by Ticketdealer
REPOST: WOV netcast #43, 10 December 2000
Playlists for Program #43 and rebroadcast of Program #41 Four hours of classical music every Sunday morning, from 8 to 12 US Eastern Standard Time , only on the internet. Host and programmer: John ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Musical Stream of Consciousness
Why not >listen< to some instead? Start with Berg's Violin Concerto.
by Met
Another opinion of Jarl Sigurds concerto
By request. * <email> * After absorbing all the comments, both positive (wait...yeah, that one was positive) and negative, thrown at Jarl's concerto, I decided to go back and listen again. This time I ...
by ekphron
Re: How much of Motzart is left in Salzburg? Have you been there...
... rip. Mozart was living there until he was 25 and there's 2 Mozart museums there, with his childhood violin, his clavichord and more. There's operas, concerts and plays on the Salzburg festival ...
by jade
Re: I play violla pretty well, and will probably go to college f...
There's some sites online that offer Violin lessons. Hre is one:
by jade
Re: Need help identifying a piece
... erkshire in case you're interested.) When I was a kid starting piano lessons, my dad pulled out his violin, which he hadn't played since high ...
by Heath Patrie
Re: African-Americans and classical music?
Cedille Records, from Chicago, has a cd of Violin Concertos by Black Composers of the 18th and 19th Centuries
by Sky-Watcher
Re: Anyone have Bachwerkeverzeichn is handy?
One of these reconstructions was that of BWV 1060, the concerto in C-minor for two harpsichords and orch. According to Nathan Broder (in: _The Collector's Bach_, New York: Keystone Books, 1958, ...
by Linda2
Re: Gil Shaham
My children's violin teacher holds up Gil Shaham as an example of the technique, posture, and musicianship they should be aspiring to. Myself, I think his playing is very enjoyable and technically ...
by dongisselbeck
Re: Beginner
... s suggestion of the Kings College recording. I think I sang in the Faure Requiem first, then played violin, and finally accompanied it on the organ (for ...
by Thyla
Re: Albéric Magnard
... rling on BIS, and only heard Ansermet's of 3 once, about 10 years ago) I'm particularly fond of the violin and 'cello sonatas. I heard the string quartet, ...
by Bhaumik Shukla
Re: Carl Tait on
Carl, this ballade i'm listening to is very interesting to me right now because of the interpretation and having just listened to Steve Layton's new piece. the interesting thing is that steve wanted ...
by dongisselbeck
Haydn/Bruch/Stavin sky tips?
We're going to see a 'Spring Rituals' concert with the Phoenix Symphony (Violinist: Chee-Yun; Conductor: Gerard Schwarz) performing Haydn's Symphony no. 93 in D, Bruch's Violin Concerto no. 1 in G ...
by bglose
Re: How old was Sarah Chang when she recorded - to settle a bet.
... 1 when it came out. She was born in 1980. The debut CD was recorded (with Chang playing a 1/4 sized violin) in '89 and released in '92 before her b'day. The CD was recorded a year after her live ...
by bglose
Re: Perfect pitch
you say it carries no particular musical benefits? i can write down the melody as I hear it, or just play it back. that's one of the benefits. (you can easily impress the chicks) it's true that to ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not
NYT April 22, 2001 Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not By DAVID SCHIFF FOR two years in a row, the Academy Award for best film score has gone to a classical composer: first John Corigliano ...
by Atomicat
Re: Irish Composer - Howard Ferguson
MOLLOYRO asks: Ferguson, who was born in Belfast in 1908 and died just last year, made a modest splash as a composer in his 30s, with several substantial pieces recorded on 78 rpm records for the ...
by Sky-Watcher
Uirapuru Followup: Even Evan Johnson Like It (Sort Of...)
As a followup to my Uirapurú Alert last week, I must report that as one who has waited for decades to hear this work in the concert hall I was not disappointed when the Yale Symphony Orchestra under ...
by LimShady
Best Conductor Youve Worked With?
... fellow named Chris Bearman in my regional symphony orchestra. Is currently conducting and teaching violin... ...
by Atomicat

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