Your Words My Music (Alternative version)
In view of the number of advertisers on RMMS and the fact I have advertised more than once for a lyricist on RMMS I offer the following :- Please send a lyric to me which you would like set to music, ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: Van Cliburn Competition - Report #9
A couple of things I'd like to add: First, apologies for anyone thinking my sign-off about Trafton at the end of this thread a little nasty. I won't mince words
by Steve_Farmer_Jr
Re: The Truth of Casadesus?
Wait, I visited the site and found that they indeed admit to the forgeries (at least to the 'Mozart'): 'Il se fait surtout remarquer par son orchestration d'un 'Concerto pour la princesse Adélaïde' ...
by Angelus897
Re: Looking for: Guiness advert music
Of all the ones I've listened to so far, the version by Herbert Blomstedt conducting the San Francisco Boys and Girls Choirs matched in tempo, instruments and overall 'force'. Its this one that I ...
by Vgtrzubx
Re: Who is this Ken B Lane person?
is in effect a clever virus which is triggered by the words Heldentenor, Wagner and Furtwangler., The instigator is still being sought but suspicion mounts that it may be Matthew B Tepper. The middle ...
by thunderchicken
Two mid 1940 Columbia 'gems' carefully transferred to CD R and avialable on a private issue basis. Tchaikovsky Symphony NO. 6 'Pathétique' coupled with: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2, Gyorgy ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: O/T: Read this article about Music Theory from Spring Day Music
You're right on the mark Mike! I thought we were talking about rules of harmony. Reading music isn't theory, it's more like walking upright. Theory is the physics of music while script is science ...
by Atomicat
Re: New song - ButterBall
lyrics snipped Tim. Thank you for another quirky work. I now have 2 of your songs on my HD: Butterball and Killing Nationalities. I'm not sure how to describe your stuff. Quirky is the best word. ...
by thunderchicken
Re: New instrumental: Memento
30/12/02 2:36 PM: Very nice. It needs words. Definitely a singable tune.
by Elaine
Re: A puzzling Haydn Question
This is short for 'manu propria', Latin for 'in own hand'. In other words, this was supposed to be the evidence that the person wrote the text in question him/herself. Common in all of Europe when ...
by Thyla
Re: What else is similar to Mozarts Requiem?
Well, probably I'll say a great nonsense but due to spacionusness signifier of 'similar' word I'll propose a Requiem that IMO it renmind the Mozart's. Only up to point. I refer to Franz-Josef Krafft ...
by AlexMoose
Blow your horn
This is probably my strangest tune. Don't know what it's all about or even what kind of music it is ;-) Have been working hard with the blues CD (7 tunes more or less finished, about 7 more to go), ...
by johndoe
Example of a Hocket
Right. This got posted on rec.music.theory too, where it was discussed a little more. Technically, it is splitting one melody between two voices, with one voice resting while the other carries the ...
by pranab
Old song surviving: mp3 changes
Since I have almost abandoned http://mp3.com, and recording, in the last few weeks it's been interesting to see activity settle down, but quite odd to see what surfaces when no attempt is made to ...
by WayneM
Re: Misty Shadows of Dawn
Hey Rick These lyrics are nice....love song, gota wonder about them...anyway I'll have a listen in the morning, I'm sure these words are beautiful set to music. With L, L & L
by Angelus897
Lane abandoning his
I am abandoning my own 'Wagner' opera, restructuring my 'Shakespeare' opera for additional large-scale WS text embellishment, a 'Shakespeare Ring of Words' Titanic Wagner lacks the universality of ...
by dfghdfbffd
Ken Lane teaching Vocal, Coaching, Acting techniques
I will teach a series of Master Classes on vocal technique, acting, and coaching styles. The best subject for an opera I have always thought was the original great Communicator, Shakespeare. 'Awed ...
by 10stone5
Re: List of crimes returns
An example which has already been thoroughly discredited. Answer my previous argument against your single, anecdotal example if you can, but until then I await your proof that the majority of Nazis ...
by Sky-Watcher
National Symphony Orchestra
... them regularly back in the Fifties and Sixties, when Howard Mitchell would do things like have the words to the Beethoven 9th sung in ...
by waylaid
Re: Three Newby Questions
Classical music is a popular, i.e. non-technical term. Whe worked in European broadcasting, we used the term 'serious music', but this was a wide concept: the EBU working party on serious music ...
by Sky-Watcher
Re: Pianist Michael Ponti
... lar names (same initials and same syllable count, which are the two most salient characteristics of words when retrieving them from memory), one of whom has just been doing interviews ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: Need a rhyme? http://www.rhymezo ne.com/
... world at large, friends, experiences etc. I wouldn't think looking for a rhyme or such for a couple words every now and then, words you may be ...
by Heath Patrie
Re: Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with Edlee Music?
PaulB wrote (snipped) :- Paul, As the European representative of the anti- music for words and the pay us $$/££ and we'll make you loads of money brigades (Mr. Snabbu has the antipodean franchise) ...
by Citizen Meh
Re: A Review of Jarl Sigurds new Ampcast clips
... it's just there opionin verses someone else's...Still though it's nice to have people say positive words about ones music! Keep ...
by bluelou
Search through private messages
... top, click on the drop down icon (the small down arrow), choose PMS and enter any combination of keywords, including words from the ...
by admin
Re: Casting a Marx Brothers Opera?
In article missing the point that the marx brother's used the physical as tangental to their verbal exchanges. little jokes. how would you opera'ate 'three cheers for captain spaulding!' with harpo ...
by David Minster
Re: Bitter (mp3) (with geoff aiken / snabbu)
Hey guys, I will admit I didn't really know where this tune was going until I heard it with the words. Very nice stuff. The only part I thought could be improved is the tom rolls which sound ...
by wordshop
Looking for lyrics
I've recently started playing bass in this tight little instrumental jammy/jazzy/funk trio out of Northern VA, and I'm thinking about adding some songs with vocals , but unfortunately I can't write ...
by ipixer
Re: Looking for guitarist...
You took the words right out of my mouth...hehe, that's just what I'm looking for.
by He'sDeadJim
Re: Brahms-Schoenberg- Clavier Quartett
humm, humm hum humm, hum hum hum hi humm.... second string quartet. wanna hear pierrot? but seriously ... what about the new data which indicates that english spelling contibutes to english dyslexia? ...
by David Minster
Please take a look at this one
Hi all Sorry i've been remiss in the review dept recently. I was gonna have a go at a few tonight but soundcrash is down (honest, guv). So it is with apologies that I offer this half finished work up ...
by Squint
Re: Favorite Requiem
What a fitting description! However, I am not of the same opinion. You must not forget that the Requiem was written in memory of those fallen during the revolution of july 1830 (during which Berlioz ...
by mostwanted
West Side Story with Jose Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa
Hey All, Today for the first time I heard a recording of West Side Story, with Jose Carreras and Kiri Te Kanawa as Tony and Maria respectively. Has anyone else heard these recordings? If so, what did ...
by switchtech
Re: Music in Mercedes commercial
I have sympathy and empathy. I have two such brothers, although replace NFL with surfing. I put on some of my music, and it is replaced the choice of the majority, usually something horrid, ...
by Sky-Watcher
Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost
New York Times, 1.3.25 Opera in Translation Refuses to Give Up the Ghost By ANTHONY TOMMASINI BY this point it's terribly hard for Puccini's enduringly popular opera 'Tosca' to sound fresh. But a ...
by Elaine
Re: Carmina Burana Manuscript Online?
'Manuscript' comes from two words: 'written' and 'hand'.
by Sky-Watcher
Best subject for an opera? Your suggestion.
The best subject for an opera I have always thought was the origina l'Great Communicator, Shakespeare. 'Awed audience at my presentation of my 'Shakespeare' opera preview titled 'Composer as ...
by dg8200
What to work on?
I have enough piano sheet music to choke a horse. What should I work on? This is what I have (anything could stand improvement): Chopin: Nocturnes, Preludes, Etudes, Ballades, Scherzi, Fantasie, ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not
NYT April 22, 2001 Taking Movie Music Seriously, Like It or Not By DAVID SCHIFF FOR two years in a row, the Academy Award for best film score has gone to a classical composer: first John Corigliano ...
by Atomicat
Re: Dvorak: Symphony No. 9
Yes, I know and I love the words. Not too long ago I heard an acappella chorus performance which was so enchantingly subliminal.
by Sky-Watcher

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